2012: The age of enlightenment

Bookeen Story: Chapter 6 2012 brings the most important innovation since the introduction of the first e-ink readers, in 2007. E-ink’s major advantage is its supremely comfortable paper-like display, for a reading experience comparable to a paper book, a vast improvement over backlit screens such as those of tablets or smartphones. And, like a paper … Continue reading 2012: The age of enlightenment

Upgrade 5.2 for Cybook Odyssey

We're very happy to tell you that the firmware upgrade 5.2 is now available for Cybook Odyssey (1st generation as well as HD FrontLight) This upgrade brings improved autonomy, new features such as pdf reflow for first generation Odyssey, as well as bug fixes. You'll find all the details here : https://service.bookeen.com/News/NewsItem/View/3/cybook-odyssey-firmware-update-52 Happy reading to … Continue reading Upgrade 5.2 for Cybook Odyssey