2007: Cybook Gen3

After the adventure of Cybook 1 & 2, a new product and goals for the founders of Bookeen. The priorities: better screen visibility, especially outside, and reduced eye fatigue; better autonomy, to take advantage of the improved reading comfort; and of course, a price below 500€. In October 2007, Bookeen releases the Cybook Gen3, a … Continue reading 2007: Cybook Gen3

Interview with Bookeen on e-reader-info.com

Hello, A very nice and long interview of Michael Dahan (one of the two Bookeen co-founders). he talks about his company, his products and his vision of the business in the E-Reader-info.com blog resource. Enjoy it's just below: http://www.e-reader-info.com/interview-michael-dahan-co-founder-and-ceo-bookeen Best regards, Bookeen Team

About the next firmware upgrade.

Our Dev team will soon release the next firmware upgrade. For all Cybooks (Gen3 and Opus), you will have a possibility to download 2 firmware. Here are some of the new features that will brighten up your reading experience: Firmware 1.5: Mobipocket. - Support of Mobipocket prc files. - Support of non DRMed prc and … Continue reading About the next firmware upgrade.

Bookeen present at MobileRead meetup in Paris

Hello, As you may know, we are on the verge to release our new Cybook Opus and will introduce it to the MobileRead community during their French meetup in Paris. There will be some hands-on demos and Bookeen people will be there to answer your questions. In parallel, we will propose (in avant-première and during … Continue reading Bookeen present at MobileRead meetup in Paris

Adobe PDF and EPUB will be present in Bookeen products

Bookeen has signed an agreement with Adobe to license the Adobe Reader Mobile SDK for its products. The new software engine delivers support for reflowable PDF technology, Adobe’s content protection technology, as well as the EPUB file format, an XML-based eBook standard with broad support from the publishing industry. The Bookeen products will be compatible … Continue reading Adobe PDF and EPUB will be present in Bookeen products

First comics in Cybook bundle.

From now on you can find 5 eBooks demo from Foolstrip in your Cybook. Foolstrip is a French comic’s publisher coming from the web and going imprint with some best seller. For this latest bundle, Foolstrip has worked directly to adapt their comics to the Cybook format. This is just a beginning in exploring the … Continue reading First comics in Cybook bundle.

Software Upgrade for the Cybook Gen3: Ver. 1.2 Build 796

Dear Cybook User, This utility updates the Cybook Gen3 (CYBGEN310B) system software to version 1.2. Happy e-reading… Sincerely, Bookeen Support Team What's New in Version 1.2 (Build 796) New: user interface now available in 6 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian & Dutch). Improvement: reduced power consumption. Improvement: reduced memory usage. New: zoom menu for … Continue reading Software Upgrade for the Cybook Gen3: Ver. 1.2 Build 796

Leather cover for an e-reading summer

From the Bookeen website you can now order leather cover for your Cybook Gen3. The Old Brown version has been discontinued. Those new covers, inspired from customers feedback, are easier to handle. From now, you are able to choose among 4 colors of leather cover plus the one that is now join to the Deluxe … Continue reading Leather cover for an e-reading summer

Cybook Gen3 build release – battery life extension –

The firmware 1.1 got a new build (708). It has been released today via our website: http://www.bookeen.com/support The firmware 1.1 previous build had experienced some battery problems for several devices. Build 708 will fix that regression and also provide you with the whole version of firmware 1.1 with a little plus: hyphenation support in mobipocket … Continue reading Cybook Gen3 build release – battery life extension –