#CybookParade: 2017 in pictures!

2017 is over, but it's left us with lots of memories and beautiful pictures! Here's a look at our "best 9" on Instagram (thank you for all the likes! ❤ ) and a few of our favourites from the #CybookParade that you've shared on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (thank you for all your wonderful photos! … Continue reading #CybookParade: 2017 in pictures!

Cybook Parade: Vacation edition

When Cybooks go out into the wild, they end up living happy lives in every corner of the world. But from time to time we get news of them, thanks to bookeeners who share photos online! Sometimes to talk about their current #CybookRead or a new favourite book, sometimes it's because the kitteh was being … Continue reading Cybook Parade: Vacation edition

Cybook Parade: are you a winner?

The (very) private life of the Cybook Odyssey... We all know Cybooks love to travel, but they also appreciate the comforts of home ! Thanks to our intrepid Bookeeners, here's a glimpse into the (very) private life of the Cybook Odyssey... and the winners of this round of our contest! Thanks to J-S V. for … Continue reading Cybook Parade: are you a winner?