2007: Cybook Gen3

After the adventure of Cybook 1 & 2, a new product and goals for the founders of Bookeen. The priorities: better screen visibility, especially outside, and reduced eye fatigue; better autonomy, to take advantage of the improved reading comfort; and of course, a price below 500€. In October 2007, Bookeen releases the Cybook Gen3, a … Continue reading 2007: Cybook Gen3

Happy birthday Bookeen!

A little riddle… I weigh 1kg,  offer a touch-screen with a 256 colour display, an internet connection and 4 hours autonomy, who am I? I am the Cyber book Gen1, better known as the Cybook 1st generation! This little riddle is just the beginning. Take a trip with us over the next few weeks back … Continue reading Happy birthday Bookeen!