15 years already!

Today, April 18 2018, Bookeen turned 15! In 2003, in an appartment in the south of Paris, Laurent Picard and Michaël Dahan founded Bookeen for "book enthusiasts". https://twitter.com/DahanMike/status/986511532539437057 Fifteen years later, some things haven't changed: we're still just as passionate about ebooks! As for the rest... After moving house a few times, Bookeen are still … Continue reading 15 years already!

A very happy birthday to Michael S. Hart, the inventor of the ebook!

Today is Michael S. Hart's birthday, and that is something to celebrate! He was born the 8th of March, 1947. Who was he, you ask? I'd say he was a visionary and an activist who decided to fight ignorance and illiteracy with the best possible weapons: books. Oh, and also he just happens to be … Continue reading A very happy birthday to Michael S. Hart, the inventor of the ebook!

2007-2017: The Cybook Gen3 is 10 years old!

In 2007, there were already ebook readers. Most of them were large, ridiculously heavy, with lcd screens. Bookeen's was called the "Cyber Book" or Cybook Gen1: it weighed 1kg, had a 256 colour touchscreen, an internet connection and a battery life of about 4 hours... October 2007: presenting the Cybook Gen3 Then in October, Bookeen … Continue reading 2007-2017: The Cybook Gen3 is 10 years old!

Happy birthday, ebooks! And eternal gratitute to Michael S. Hart

The ebook is older than you think! E-ink ereaders may have been invented in 2007, but believe it or not ebooks have been around for nearly half a century! Hard to believe they've been around so long, but it's true: on July 4th, 1971, Michael S. Hart created the very first ebook by typing out the United States … Continue reading Happy birthday, ebooks! And eternal gratitute to Michael S. Hart

14 Years of Cybooks!

It's been 14 years today since Bookeen began inventing e-reading solutions! Looking at the Cybook Muse HD, with its high definition E-Ink® screen, its feather weight and its battery life you can measure in weeks, it's hard to believe it's the direct descendent of the Cyber book Gen1: 1kg, 256 colour touchscreen, internet connection and … Continue reading 14 Years of Cybooks!

2012: The age of enlightenment

Bookeen Story: Chapter 6 2012 brings the most important innovation since the introduction of the first e-ink readers, in 2007. E-ink’s major advantage is its supremely comfortable paper-like display, for a reading experience comparable to a paper book, a vast improvement over backlit screens such as those of tablets or smartphones. And, like a paper … Continue reading 2012: The age of enlightenment

2011: The Cybook Odyssey

Bookeen Story: Chapter 5 2011 brings two revolutions for Bookeen: the arrival of the Cybook Odyssey, and strong partnerships with major European bookstore chains. After the nomadic Opus and the slim and elegant Orizon, the Odyssey is the result of several years of research to accelerate the migration of the electronic ink in the screen. … Continue reading 2011: The Cybook Odyssey

Late 2010: The Cybook Orizon and the Bookeen Store

Bookeen Story: Chapter 4 In light of the success of the 5-inch Cybook Opus, Bookeen decides to complete their offer with a larger model. In addition, this new Cybook will offer an on-board bookstore, accessible via wifi, and a touchscreen interface. The goal of creating a super-thin device requires Bookeen’s team to perform technical prowesses, … Continue reading Late 2010: The Cybook Orizon and the Bookeen Store

2009-2010: The Cybook Opus

Bookeen Story : Chapter 3 Following the success of the the Gen3, the first e-ink Cybook, in early 2008 Bookeen lays the groundwork for a new project which will become the Cybook Opus. From the beginning, the intent is for the Opus to be a “nomad”. It must be compact (pocket-sized), lightweight, and easy to … Continue reading 2009-2010: The Cybook Opus