New screensaver: Reading survival kit!

If you're following Anne-Laure and Caroline's Booktube channel (in French), maybe you spotted a picture of a Cybook arm in arm with a teacup in a recent video. A sweet new screensaver for your Cybook! At the request of Laure Glrn on Facebook , we made it into a screensaver for your Cybook, which you can download by … Continue reading New screensaver: Reading survival kit!

Me and my Bookstash!

I'm going to go out on a limb and say one thing we've all got in common here is our love of reading. 😉 So there's a good chance we're all in a committed relationship with a partner who grows and changes with us, who understands our long-term passions as well as our slightest whims, … Continue reading Me and my Bookstash!

Nolim: like a book, but better!

Bookeen is proud to present our new e-reader Nolim, developped in partnership with Carrefour, a retail giant with more than 11,900 stores worldwide who is moving into the e‑reader market with the Nolim! In 2016, Bookeen and Nolim decided to put forward their personal vision for a reinvented e-reader. A simple idea soon took shape: … Continue reading Nolim: like a book, but better!

14 Years of Cybooks!

It's been 14 years today since Bookeen began inventing e-reading solutions! Looking at the Cybook Muse HD, with its high definition E-Ink® screen, its feather weight and its battery life you can measure in weeks, it's hard to believe it's the direct descendent of the Cyber book Gen1: 1kg, 256 colour touchscreen, internet connection and … Continue reading 14 Years of Cybooks!

Cybook Muse HD – Small patch update now available

Hello to all our Bookeeners with a Cybook Muse HD! You may have noticed that the dictionary definitions were printed so small you needed a microscope to read them. 😉 We're happy to say we've fixed that. This patch also brings you improved touchscreen reactivity. To install the patch, just connect your Cybook to wifi and … Continue reading Cybook Muse HD – Small patch update now available

Download a new screensaver for your Cybook!

We are delighted to present a new Cybook Muse* screensaver! With your Cybook, your library is always at your fingertips and we hope that this lovely Muse watching over her reader will inspire you and accompany your litterary adventures as well. This illustration is the work of the talented Valérian Chasserio. You can follow him and … Continue reading Download a new screensaver for your Cybook!

The family of Bookeen e-readers is expanding with two new Muse models!

PRESS RELEASE: Paris, october 18, 2016 Bookeen wishes for all book lovers to fulfill their passion for reading. Muse Light becomes the first illuminated reader for small budgets and Muse HD the premium reader for fans of digital reading. Cybook Muse Light 45%* of book lovers read in the dark before going to bed and … Continue reading The family of Bookeen e-readers is expanding with two new Muse models!