Activation Adobe account on Cybook

Hello everyone, we hope you had a lovely holiday! We are encountering a problem which makes impossible the creation and the authorisation of an Adobe ID account from our devices. This problem does not affect the users who already activated their device. The issue is currently being treated, we are doing our best to solve … Continue reading Activation Adobe account on Cybook

PDF vs. EPUB: which is the best format?

We've received many questions recently about the differences between pdf format and epub format, so we thought it might be helpful to provide some details on the differences between the two formats. PDF PDF format was specifically designed not to be fluid, to the contrary; it's meant to guarantee an identical display no matter what … Continue reading PDF vs. EPUB: which is the best format?

Ebook Bundle: Corrected file for “Der Freigeist”

A sharp-eyed reader alerted us that there was a problem with the formatting in one of the free books provided in our ebook bundles, "Der Freigeist" by Gotthold Lessing. We've corrected the file and we're happy to provide it here, download it by clicking on the link below. To read the book, just edit the … Continue reading Ebook Bundle: Corrected file for “Der Freigeist”

Cybook Orizon: First upgrade available

Hello, We're happy to let you know that the first upgrade for the Cybook Orizon is now available. All you have to do is activate the wifi connection on your Orizon, the upgrade will be automatically downloaded. Just confirm installation and you're done. Install this upgrade for new features and some bug fixes : - … Continue reading Cybook Orizon: First upgrade available

Göteborg Book Fair in Sweden

The Göteborg Book Fair is the biggest meeting place for the book trade in the Nordic countries.  The 26th Fair will take place from 23th September to the 26th September, 2010. The Göteborg Book Fair 2010 will focus on Africa. Bookeen will be represented at the Göteborg Book Fair in Sweden by Riidoo. Stop by … Continue reading Göteborg Book Fair in Sweden