Bookeen presents the Cybook Muse and Cybook Ocean

Cybook Ocean Design

Press Release: Cybook Ocean and Cybook Muse - Paris, 17 Octobre 2014 CYBOOK MUSE: The Inspirer Bookeen announces the launch of their new line of 6" E-Ink HD e-readers featuring a compact and inviting “edge to edge” screen, providing an incomparable reading experience. UPDATE 27 October 2014: find the full technical specifications for the Cybook … Continue reading Bookeen presents the Cybook Muse and Cybook Ocean

New Partnership with Saraiva, Brazil


Bookeen Press Release Paris, August 5th, 2014 Bookeen, a European leader in eReading, is happy to join forces with Saraiva, the leading Brazilian bookseller, to launch Saraiva Lev, a range of two e-readers, available in 100 stores throughout Brazil, starting Tuesday August 5th. As part of a strategy to attend client´s needs with a complete … Continue reading New Partnership with Saraiva, Brazil

Cybook Ocean at the Paris Book Fair

Starting tomorrow at the Paris Book Fair (stand F13), Bookeen will present our line of Cybook readers, including the world premiere of the Cybook Ocean. The Cybook Ocean will be available for testing on our stand. The Ocean is now announced for release between mid-May and mid-June, at a price of 179€. This reader offers … Continue reading Cybook Ocean at the Paris Book Fair

Bookeen is hiring – International Sales Representative

Paris, July 2013. Join our team! Bookeen International Sales Representative Job Description Bookeen is an international pioneer in the field of digital reading. Based in Paris, Bookeen team designs, develops and commercializes e-reading solutions such as e-book readers, hardware & software, e-book shops as well as professional and consumer connected ecosystems. As a sales representative, … Continue reading Bookeen is hiring – International Sales Representative

Bookeen completes its product range by offering a brand new tablet in partnership with RELAY

Press release Bookeen / Relay Paris, 2nd July 2013 Bookeen offers a new solution for ereading: the new Cybook Tablet is specifically designed for readers of digital editions of magazines and newspapers and completes its partnership with Relay. Due to the fact that in recent years the number of people who read magazines and newspapers … Continue reading Bookeen completes its product range by offering a brand new tablet in partnership with RELAY

2012: The age of enlightenment

Bookeen Story: Chapter 6 2012 brings the most important innovation since the introduction of the first e-ink readers, in 2007. E-ink’s major advantage is its supremely comfortable paper-like display, for a reading experience comparable to a paper book, a vast improvement over backlit screens such as those of tablets or smartphones. And, like a paper … Continue reading 2012: The age of enlightenment

2011: The Cybook Odyssey

Bookeen Story: Chapter 5 2011 brings two revolutions for Bookeen: the arrival of the Cybook Odyssey, and strong partnerships with major European bookstore chains. After the nomadic Opus and the slim and elegant Orizon, the Odyssey is the result of several years of research to accelerate the migration of the electronic ink in the screen. … Continue reading 2011: The Cybook Odyssey

Late 2010: The Cybook Orizon and the Bookeen Store

Bookeen Story: Chapter 4 In light of the success of the 5-inch Cybook Opus, Bookeen decides to complete their offer with a larger model. In addition, this new Cybook will offer an on-board bookstore, accessible via wifi, and a touchscreen interface. The goal of creating a super-thin device requires Bookeen’s team to perform technical prowesses, … Continue reading Late 2010: The Cybook Orizon and the Bookeen Store

2009-2010: The Cybook Opus

Bookeen Story : Chapter 3 Following the success of the the Gen3, the first e-ink Cybook, in early 2008 Bookeen lays the groundwork for a new project which will become the Cybook Opus. From the beginning, the intent is for the Opus to be a “nomad”. It must be compact (pocket-sized), lightweight, and easy to … Continue reading 2009-2010: The Cybook Opus