2007: Cybook Gen3

After the adventure of Cybook 1 & 2, a new product and goals for the founders of Bookeen. The priorities: better screen visibility, especially outside, and reduced eye fatigue; better autonomy, to take advantage of the improved reading comfort; and of course, a price below 500€. In October 2007, Bookeen releases the Cybook Gen3, a … Continue reading 2007: Cybook Gen3

Happy birthday Bookeen!

A little riddle… I weigh 1kg,  offer a touch-screen with a 256 colour display, an internet connection and 4 hours autonomy, who am I? I am the Cyber book Gen1, better known as the Cybook 1st generation! This little riddle is just the beginning. Take a trip with us over the next few weeks back … Continue reading Happy birthday Bookeen!

Activation Adobe account on Cybook

Hello everyone, we hope you had a lovely holiday! We are encountering a problem which makes impossible the creation and the authorisation of an Adobe ID account from our devices. This problem does not affect the users who already activated their device. The issue is currently being treated, we are doing our best to solve … Continue reading Activation Adobe account on Cybook

PDF vs. EPUB: which is the best format?

We've received many questions recently about the differences between pdf format and epub format, so we thought it might be helpful to provide some details on the differences between the two formats. PDF PDF format was specifically designed not to be fluid, to the contrary; it's meant to guarantee an identical display no matter what … Continue reading PDF vs. EPUB: which is the best format?

Why is the new Cybook Odyssey HD FrontLight the best illuminated e-reader ever?

Press Release Bookeen e-Book Reader - Paris, 25th October 2012 Following the announcement last week of the new Cybook Odyssey HD FrontLight, Bookeen can now reveal a few more details and technical specifications about its new e-reader and what makes it different to other devices which are currently available on the market. More about the … Continue reading Why is the new Cybook Odyssey HD FrontLight the best illuminated e-reader ever?

Bookeen is about to launch the new Cybook Odyssey HD FrontLight: The world’s lightest e-reader solution!

Bookeen is announcing today the launch of the new Cybook Odyssey HD FrontLight, the 6th generation and most advanced Cybook with an inbuilt FrontLight solution and with the most advanced E Ink® HD display. Since 1998, Bookeen has been the European champion in digital reading years before Amazon entered the market. The new Cybook Odyssey … Continue reading Bookeen is about to launch the new Cybook Odyssey HD FrontLight: The world’s lightest e-reader solution!

Bookeen continues to expand in Europe

Paris, 5th June, 2012 Bookeen Press Release / New partnership with Adlibris, Sweden Today, Bookeen, the European leader in e-reading, is happy to join forces with Adlibris, the leading Swedish Internet bookstore, to launch the Adlibris Letto e-reader. As part of their strategy to conquer the Swedish e-book market, today Adlibris is launching Adlibris Letto, … Continue reading Bookeen continues to expand in Europe

Cybook Odyssey: Dictionary Feedback

Following up on the dictionary beta tests, we would like to thank you very much for the rich feedback we received. We know you're all very interested to know about future development, so we wanted to share some information with you about our plans. Based on your feedback, we have already scheduled the following for … Continue reading Cybook Odyssey: Dictionary Feedback

Dictionary beta-tests: Go!

A warm thank you to all those who volunteered for the dictionary beta-tests! We are delighted to see such an enthusiastic response from our users. Rather than limit registration, we've decided to open the tests to everyone who would like to participate. The first tests start now with 4 dictionaries available: Italian English English > … Continue reading Dictionary beta-tests: Go!

Beta-test for dictionaries

Bookeen wants YOU to beta-test new dictionaries! Our development team is hard at work finalising a selection of new dictionaries, and we’re looking for some beta-testers before the public release. Currently we need testers for the following languages: Italian English English to French English to Italian The test will begin around the 17th of January. … Continue reading Beta-test for dictionaries