New dictionaries for DIVA e-readers!

In addition to the dictionaries already integrated in your DIVA or DIVA HD (English & French > French) e-reader you can now add the following : English, english > italian, english > polish, Italian, German, German > French, Spanish (two dictionaries). These can be downloaded free of charge by clicking on the links below: : … Continue reading New dictionaries for DIVA e-readers!

Bookeen disrupts the e-reader market with SAGA

Bookeen, pioneer of digital readers since 2003, continues its international expansion and displays its new reader at the Book Fair at Frankfort from October 11 to 15: SAGA After the recent success of NOLIM, the e-reader that redefines the codes of a whole category, Bookeen, French champion of digital readers, leader on the Brazilian market … Continue reading Bookeen disrupts the e-reader market with SAGA