Bookeen unveils DIVA

The e-reader who enchants the world of books

New processor, unique design, the DIVA is also the first LCP Readyi e-reader that unlocks the French digital book market!

The French company Bookeen announced the release of the new Diva e-reader with a completely redesigned software and an innovative design.
The result of 3 years of research and development, the DIVA offers an exceptional reading experience: precise display, instantaneous handling and outstanding speed.
If its assumed book look makes it an incomparable object, the French e-reader is above all the first one compatible with the DRMii Open Source LCP.

A new generation e-reader for optimal reading comfort

French pioneer of digital reading Bookeen has designed DIVA, a new reading device with exceptional technical features: a high-quality electronic 6 inches ink screeniii , a dedicated chip clocked at 1GHz, a storage capacity of 16 GB and integrated low-brightness lighting for soothing reading at night. The new user-tested software interface provides an intuitive and responsive experience for the pleasure of reading, simply.

From French Tech to the French Touch

DIVA is first and foremost an e-reader with a touch and grip that appeals to reading lovers. Bookeen’s design is as innovative as it is obvious, and the company has thought of his ereader as a folio. Dressed in its protective coveriiii, it takes on the unique appearance of a paper book. A true trompe l’oeil effect with an astonishing choice of material and colour among 8 models. Magnetic, the covers can be installed with a single gesture and allow you to create a personalized Diva.

A new Open-Source DRM

The publishing houses were asking for it! Booksellers were impatient! Readers are going to enjoy it!

By adopting, for the first time, LCP the new open-source DRM carried by the French book ecosystem, Bookeen breaks the status quo that opposes the respect of copyright to the quality of the user experience. In concrete terms, this new file protection system will allow the user to transfer content from one medium to another much more simply than before, while remaining open and interoperable between booksellers.

NB: DIVA of course remains compatible with Adobe DRM to manage the gradual transition of the market to LCP.

Bookeen’s commitment to LCP

Since its inception Bookeen has always been committed to open and interoperable systems as opposed to captive and closed systems. Bookeen is the partner of the new DRM LCP (Licensed Content Protection), a DRM solution developed and supported by the Readium foundation and more precisely by the EDRLab, its main contributor located in Paris and member of the W3C on the Digital Publishing activity.

Michaël Dahan – CEO of Bookeen: “By choosing LCP, we intend to unlock a digital reading market hampered by proprietary or constraining DRMs. As a reference manufacturer, this choice is a strong signal sent to the whole market. »

The reactions concerning the launch of the DIVA are numerous and all recognise a structuring initiative in the digital reading market.

“The availability of LCP-equipped reading machines is a key asset for the adoption of this interoperable protection by bookstore customers and library users by offering them a credible alternative to proprietary solutions. Bookeen, France’s leading manufacturer of e-readers, already present in bookstores and libraries, is the ideal candidate to make this opportunity a reality. “says Stéphane Michalon – Head of Development at ePagine.

“A completely new e-reader with LCP protection: an important step forward for the user experience. Congratulations to the Bookeen team! ” Virginie Clayssen, President of EDRLab.


The two DIVA models :


The DIVA e-reader is equipped with a 6″ E-ink 6″ 212 dpi (paperbook-sized) touch-sensitive and glare-free screen, a Wifi module for direct access to the digital library of more than 400,000 titles, a USB rechargeable battery offering several weeks of autonomy and dedicated buttons to turn pages or turn on the light.


english specs DIVA

DIVA HD : The Top-Of-The-Line e-reader

Find the same features as the DIVA enriched with a 300 DPI high-definition screen, a filter that reduces exposure to blue light, a gyroscope for automatic orientation and the ability to wake up or go to sleep automatically by the removable cover.


8 models of covers for DIVA

Choose the cover that’s right for you :





Diva HD is available at the price of 139,90 €

Diva is available at the price of 109,90 €

Cover for Diva is available at the price of 24,90€


i DRM LCP or Licensed Content Protection was developed by the consortium Readium and EDRLab.


ii Digital rights management (DRM)

iii Carta elecronic ink screen with Regal option (reduced remancence) and a resolution of 212 to 300 dpi

iiii Accessory sold separately

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