So long, and thanks for all the fish…

Friends, my time with Bookeen is at an end and I’m moving on to other adventures, but I couldn’t leave you without saying goodbye.

I started Bookeen’s social media accounts in 2010 and what I’ve enjoyed the most over the past 8 and a half years has been the exchanges with you.

We’ve talked about ebooks, e-readers, our favourite authors, our #FridayReads, meta-data, Wallabag, how to make the perfect e-reader… but also pandas, drones, ninja marmots and favourite recipes… We had twitter tea-parties; shared our best #CybookParade photos; reinvented publishing; imagined new features, some of which were eminently practical and some of which were true bursts of mad-scientist-level absurd genius (just between you and me, although I faithfully reported all the practical suggestions, the completely crazy ones were always my favourites!)…

Through the years there have been newcomers and faithful companions. I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting some of you in person, and there are others whom I consider friends even if our paths never crossed outside of the interwebs.

I will miss your presence, your Cybook Parade photos, your #FridayReads, and your friendly messages, and I want to wish all of you, one last time, happy reading.

Audrey Keszek
aka @LesBeauxEbooks

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