Why I love my Cybook, reason n°73

Going on holiday, in the year X B.E.* :

*Before Ebook Readers

Summer’s almost here, and thoughts turn to vacation and dreams of far-away places… Alas, inevitably, before you go anywhere you must face the dreaded Trial of the Suitcase (Hercules himself, after tossing off his 12 labours before lunch, blanched at the thought) : how on earth are you going to pack ALL THE BOOKS?? There’s no possible way they’ll all fit, you’re just going to have to suck it up and drag along a second (and possibly third…) bag just for them. Even so you’re never truly safe from the nightmare of *shudder* running out of books half-way through, potentially (hundreds of) kilometres from a decently-stocked bookshop…

This comic by Tom Gauld sums it up pretty well, I’d say.

Sing hallelujah, those dark days are over and our backs rejoice! (Mine never has forgiven me for that time I left for a long week-end with the paper edition of the complete works of Léo Malet in my backpack… #TrueStory)

Nowadays, the seasoned reader who travels is equipped with an ebook reader. And let’s face it, at least for the books, that’s practically as good as having a Luggage made out of sapient pearwood like Twoflower had.  It’s a shame the devs haven’t yet figured out how to graft all those little feet onto it so it could just follow you around leaving your hands free for an ice cream or a cold drink, but we’re working on it. (If you’re currently wondering what on earth I’m talking about, well, let’s just say I envy you your future discovery of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld… 😉 )

No longer must you face the impossible dilemma of deciding which saga to bring with you. The nightmare of finishing your book too quickly and having nothing left to read: definitively over. Even supposing you manage to devour the entirety of your library (in which case, respect; there’s someone who knows how to vacation!), your next book is never more than a wifi connection and a few clicks away…

Travelling in the Age of the Ebook: 

Travel essentials. Photo by @Jehane_fr
Photo by Marie J.
Photo by @xDangerBlack

For the minimalists amongst you (who like warm weather), you could almost pack your ebook reader and a pair of flip-flops and call it a day! (Don’t forget your sunscreen though.) Can’t beat that for travelling light…

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