Cybook Parade: Vacation edition

When Cybooks go out into the wild, they end up living happy lives in every corner of the world. But from time to time we get news of them, thanks to bookeeners who share photos online! Sometimes to talk about their current #CybookRead or a new favourite book, sometimes it’s because the kitteh was being extra-cuddly that day and the cuteness must not be kept selfishly to oneself, and sometimes it’s very clearly to make the rest of us jealous with views so jaw-droppingly gorgeous they’d make us forget about reading (which is saying something). In fact when holidays are but a distant memory, we’ve got all we need for a virtual mini-break thanks to your photos!

We love getting these little glimpses into the lives of Cybooks (and their readers ;)). We gather them together on our Pinterest board and Instagram (where we also post our own photos!), but we thought it would be nice to share a few favourites here! So today, for your pleasure and ours, as summer draws to a close, here’s a little selection of some of our favourite holiday pics.

Just recently, @Koxi73 made us long for long afternoons at the lake (any lake, but especially *that* lake) with these gorgeous photos taken at Attersee, or Lake Atter, in Austria. Classic example of a view that would definitely distract us from our book.

photo: @Koxi73

But he’s not the only one! A few favourites:

photo: @BrenAbolivier
photo: @emi_dantes
photo: Laure G
photo: @xDangerBlack
photo: Laurent L
photo: Marie J
photo: @lili_galipette
photo: @xDangerBlack

Then again, sometimes it’s the book itself which takes us travelling!

Photo: @lice_vn

What about you? A favourite photo to share? Keep them coming, we absolutely love seeing them!

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