#Tip: Reading in the dark: FrontLight and Night Mode

Know your Cybook: in today’s episode, learn how to switch your display to white text on a black page. Like to read at night? Put away those industrial-strength night-vision goggles: your Cybook has your back.

Night mode?

I mentioned the “white text / black page” display, also known as “Night Mode” on twitter recently and it turns out that quite a lot of you had no idea this feature is available on your Cybook! To activate it, while reading, open the menu then select “Layout” > “White Text, Black Page” and close the menu. You’ll see the display colours have been inverted.

You may find this mode more comfortable when reading in low light conditions; some even prefer it for daytime reading. Bookeener @TheoKnoepflin tells us very poetically that it gives him the feeling of gleaning minutes of reading as he slips into sleep.

If you share your bed with someone who likes to go to sleep with the chickens, the black page along with the built-in FrontLight will make sure you don’t disturb anyone’s beauty sleep.

And if you too are besieged by bloodthirsty mosquitoes, @Lice_vn has a secret weapon: the black page won’t attract the buzzing little vampires! 

What about you? Are those night-vision goggles going back in the drawer?

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