Me and my Bookstash!

I’m going to go out on a limb and say one thing we’ve all got in common here is our love of reading. 😉 So there’s a good chance we’re all in a committed relationship with a partner who grows and changes with us, who understands our long-term passions as well as our slightest whims, and who, like with any couple, might sometimes annoy us. That’s right: I’m talking about your Bookstash.

But not all couples are alike! Some of us, to cope with abibliophobia*, keep adding new books to the pile, to be sure we’ve always got a few (hundred) new reads waiting for us. What could be more reassuring than the sight of all those titles, waiting faithfully, ready whenever the mood takes us?

Others on the contrary would never go without their book, but when the Bookstash gets out of hand they start feeling the weight of their own mortality and the impossibility of one day reading ALL THE BOOKS. Thanks to @Lili_Galipette we’ve now got a word for that too: nolegeretotumlibrumphobia. Names are important.

And of course, there are the carefree bibliophiles for whom the course of true love actually does run smooth. #RelationshipGoals

Find out what kind of Bookstasher you are: a handy quizz

You and your Bookstash:

A. We’ve promised to love and cherish each other and we live in perfect harmony! And thanks to my e-reader, my Bookstash is vast and contains multitudes, but still fits in my hand and goes with me everywhere. ❤

B. My Bookstash is visible from space (all the more impressive an exploit with ebooks!! -ed.) and I keep adding to it so I can be sure I’ll never run out of books to read. Luckily with ebooks you can accumulate a ginormous ‘stash without having to move into an airplane hangar. Thanks ebooks!

C. Sure we love each other but I need my space, all right? Just don’t crowd me, that’s all I ask. And as long as I’m never more than 2 clicks away from my next read I’ll be fine.

What kind of Bookstasher are you?

Answer A: Bibliophile and proud of it, when it comes to books you know love is love and love is all! We wish you many happy years with your stash. 🙂

Answer B: That’s quite a case of abibliophobia you’ve got there! Lucky thing ebooks don’t take up any room. Don’t forget to make a backup of your library on an external hard drive, for extra peace of mind.

Answer C: We made up the word nolegeretotumlibrumphobia just for you! Don’t worry though: your friendly online ebookstore never closes its doors. No pressure, obvs, but your next read is ready and waiting for you 24/7.

What kind of Bookstasher are you? Enquiring minds want to know!

Personally, I’ve got an acute case of abibliophobia but if it’s a disease, I don’t want to be cured.

* the fear of running out of books to read.

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