Nolim: like a book, but better!

Bookeen is proud to present our new e-reader Nolim, developped in partnership with Carrefour, a retail giant with more than 11,900 stores worldwide who is moving into the e‑reader market with the Nolim!

In 2016, Bookeen and Nolim decided to put forward their personal vision for a reinvented e-reader. A simple idea soon took shape: an e-reader that would first and foremost be a book… but better.

Nolim e-reader

Presenting Nolim!

Like a book, the new Nolim ereader slip into your pocket, so you can read anywhere, anytime. Like a book, it can handle being dropped. And just like a book, it doesn’t tire your eyes, even after hours of avid reading.

But, Bookeen wanted it to be more than just a book. We wanted to be able to buy our next book in a single click, wherever we are. To be able to read at night, without needing to switch on a lamp. To be able to take all our favourite books with us wherever we go. Because just a book is not enough.

Bookeen, the ereader specialist, and Nolim, Carrefour’s digital culture brand are very proud to announce the launch of an ereader which completely redefines the category, a category that Bookeen helped to create over 10 years ago.

What is Nolim?

Losing yourself in a book is an intimate, private moment where emotion is paramount. With this in mind, the designers sought inspiration in the feelings that reading provokes, and tried to build them into the product. And so, this new kind of book gradually took shape. With the Nolim e-reader, the size, style, ergonomics, and tactile feel combine for the user’s genuine reading pleasure.

The Nolim e-reader is not a piece of technology; it’s a new kind of book. The designers behind the Nolim wanted to assert this vision of the e-reader by incorporating the cover into a single item that is both elegant and practical. Just as when you settle down to read you first open the book, the Nolim is turned on and off by opening its cover.

A key aspect of its design is its silicone casing. Selected to ensure that the Nolim really was a robust and easily transportable object that could withstand everyday use, the casing provides the same soft sensation as paper.

The Nolim reader is built around a page of electronic ink which is very comfortable for the eyes, and offers a whole host of possibilities which traditional books do not. With its built-in Wi-Fi, the Nolim has direct access to a library of more than 260,000 titles which can be downloaded in less than a minute. It also features an incredibly soft transparent self-lighting screen which lets you keep reading when you turn the lights off, without tiring out your eyes.

Lastly, Bookeen and Nolim wanted the e-reader to come in different colors, so readers can choose from a selection of five: turquoise, red, orange, anthracite, and light grey.

The people behind the Nolim
“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”  ― Stephen King
Bookeen is an e-reader pioneer. It develops dedicated and end-to-end reading ecosystems: e-readers, digital libraries, content platforms, reading apps for Android and iOS… The talented and passionate people at Bookeen work to create products and services that hundreds of thousands of people in tens of countries use every day, helping to spread culture and knowledge around the world. Michael Dahan (President and founder of Bookeen), has this to say: “We were able to bring all of our 13 years of experience to bear on this project. Beneath its fresh design and apparent simplicity, the Nolim e-reader is bursting with features. Features which give the Nolim an accomplished finish”.
Bookeen has been working on the Nolim since 2013, in cooperation with a range of partners, including Carrefour. These first three years have enabled the Nolim to form a community of loyal, active users. The initiative received a warm welcome from the publishing industry, which makes Nolim one of the most dynamic digital libraries on the segment. The use of an exclusive new design is a clear expression of the Nolim team’s desire to maintain and consolidate its development strategy for access to culture in digital formats. Emmanuel Rochedix, Director of Culture at Carrefour, adds that, “The new Nolim e-reader was designed to incorporate the brand’s fundamentals: accessibility, ease of use, and mobility. Our goal was to offer readers a product fit for everyday life. And our goal has been achieved: the design and build quality is plain to see from the very first moment you hold the new Nolim e-reader in your hands.”

8 thoughts on “Nolim: like a book, but better!

  1. Just received it. It’s a nice device, with an original skin.
    But what a shame it’s impossible to ad a proper dictionary, and there isn’t any by default !


    1. Hello Tom,
      we’re very glad to know you like your Nolim! And in fact, you can add your own dictionary, if the default french dictionary does not suit your needs. You just need to create a “Dictionaries” folder in the Nolim memory, at the root level. Copy your dictionaries (*.dict and *.idx files) in that folder. Nolim uses the same dictionary format as Cybooks. Then, from the home screen, when you check the menu, select “Available dictionaries”; to change the order of the dictionaries, use the up and down arrows, or to disactivate one or more dictionaries, use the tick box to the right of the dictionary name.
      I hope that helps, happy reading with your Nolim!


  2. Hi There!

    I’ve a Cybook Odssey and I love him and I would like to test these Nolim reader, but here in Brazil we don’t have any Bookeen reseler or any store that sales bookeen readers.
    Could You help me?

    Best regards.

    J’ai un Cybook Odssey et je l’aime et j’aimerais tester ces lecteurs Nolim, mais ici au Brésil, nous n’avons pas de revendeur Bookeen ou de magasin qui vendent des lecteurs.
    Pourriez-vous m’aider?
    Meilleures salutations.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Rodrigo! Thanks for your interest in our Nolim readers! We’re really glad to know you love your Odyssey. The Nolim partnership has ended but these readers are now available directly from our store, under the name Bookeen Saga. 🙂 I am not sure whether we have any resellers for the Saga in Brazil at this time but if you like you can order directly from us and we’ll be happy to ship it to you directly. Happy reading!


  3. Hello! Are there any firmware updates planned to keep the Saga up with newer Diva features? The saga isn’t even that old, but it seems that the development has stopped, and I just got it! I love it, but the menu layout on the diva is much better. Cheers!


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