#Tip What the font!

Know your Cybook: in today’s episode, fonts. Did you know that you can use any font you like to read your books? All you have to do is add the font files to your Cybook, if your favourite isn’t already on the list. 🙂

Just connect your Cybook to your computer with the USB cable, and copy the font files (.ttf or .otf) into the “Fonts” folder. For each font family, you’ll need four files minimum (some fonts will supply more): one each for regular text, bold text, italic text, and bold italic text.

You’ll find your fonts have been added to the list of font families, in the text settings. Just choose your favourite!

The font you use can have a big impact on reading comfort; that’s why we provide a selection of fonts on our Cybook ereaders, some of which have been specially designed for e-ink screens (Caecilia for instance). And it’s not just a question of taste; there are fonts which have been designed specifically to help people who have trouble reading, like Open Dyslexic.

Personally, I prefer serif fonts like Bitter* (designed by Sol Matas for Huerta Tipográfica) or Vollkorn* (designed by Friedrich Althausen), and I like to switch fonts depending on what I’m reading: in my opinion, each font has its own personality, and not every font is right for every book!

In the mood to get up close and personal with your fonts? There are countless sites where you can get free fonts, like the ones linked above. And if you feel like digging a little deeper, a quick search will give you plenty of advice and even lists of “best fonts for ereaders”. Share your favourite finds in the comments below!

What about you? Have you got a favourite font?

*Font available under a SIL Open Font License (OFL), free for personal or professional use.

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