The Mystery of the Missing M&M’s

Wondering how the code ninjas of Bookeen Team relax? We all know it’s important to take a break from time to time, when you’re working hard on the next version of the Cybook. So once a week we give our brains an extra workout a break with a riddle to solve; whoever finds the answer has to come up with the next riddle.

This week Rosalie challenges us to solve the mystery of the missing M&M’s. Jean assures me that with the clues she’s provided it’s very easy to find the answer (in fact he’s already solved the riddle). We’ll let you try your luck, you can share your answers in the comments!

There are 5 teams working at a row of 5 desks of 5 different colours, using 5 different models of Cybook, drinking 5 different drinks and eating 5 different snacks.

  1. The Web team is at the white desk.
  2. The Support team has a secret stash of Dragibus candy.
  3. The Hardware team likes to drink tea.
  4. The yellow desk is next to the green desk.
  5. The people at the yellow desk drink Ricoré.
  6. The ones using Cybook Odysseys prefer to munch on Schokobons.
  7. The people at the blue desk are all reading on Cybook Opus.
  8. The ones at the center desk drink water.
  9. The Marketing team is at the first desk.
  10. The ones using Cybook Oceans are at the desk next to the ones who like to snack on Malteasers.
  11. The team who likes Skittles works next to the team using Cybook Opus.
  12. The Cybook Orizon users drink milk.
  13. The Software team reads on Cybook Muses.
  14. The Marketing team is next to the red desk.
  15. The team who reads on Cybook Ocean has neighbors who drink coffee.

Who stole the M&M’s? Find the answer by matching all the details to each of the 5 teams.

Any resemblance to real people or places is of course entirely coincidental.

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