Why I love my Cybook, reason n°14

Why do I love my Cybook? Let me count the ways… We’ve got a whole list of reasons to love our e-book readers, if it comes to that. What, you too?? Crazy! Great minds, and all that, right? 🙂 We’ll tell you ours if you tell us yours…

Why I love my Cybook, reason n°14: proud member of #TeamSmallBag!

Cart a big heavy bag around all day long? No thank you. Leave my book at home? What are you, crazy?? Cybook to the rescue, and I can carry my book – sorry, did I say book ? I meant my whole library! – even in my smallest bag. Thank you Cybook! ❤️

What about you, why do you love your e-book reader?

On instagramlesleoneries tells us she loves it “To read at night without having to hold the book (haha yes I’m lazy!)” Can confirm: that’s an excellent reason. 😀

lili_galipette reminds us of the importance of respecting readers’ privacy: I love it because I can read whatever I want without anyone seeing the title!”

And when it comes to explaining her great love story, @hyggestund_de_ju certainly knows how to convince: “Why do I love my e-book reader? What a question!!!… It’s become my security blanket (like my phone). It lets me carry my library (almost 300 books), with me at all times. It’s handy for public transportation (like @lili_galipette I don’t like it when people see the title of my book…). I can skip the sprained wrist: it sounds silly but some books are so heavy… not ideal. And… it doesn’t scare people if they can’t see I’m reading a 900-page brick and that makes all the difference lol! … Of course, I still love paper books too. But do I really need any more reasons to justify my great love story with my Bookeen?!?”

Share your reasons in the comments or on twitter, facebook or instagram with #WhyIlovemyCybook !

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