14 Years of Cybooks!

It’s been 14 years today since Bookeen began inventing e-reading solutions! Looking at the Cybook Muse HD, with its high definition E-Ink® screen, its feather weight and its battery life you can measure in weeks, it’s hard to believe it’s the direct descendent of the Cyber book Gen1: 1kg, 256 colour touchscreen, internet connection and 4 hours of battery life… how things have changed!

Cybook Gen1, Gen2, Gen3
Cybook Gen1, Gen2, Gen3

Today, Bookeen is the Cybook e-readers, still developed in our Paris office; Bookeenstore, our independent ebookstore; but also a complete range of “white-label” services for partners and distributors worldwide. More than 50 countries sell Bookeen products today.

Most of all, Bookeen is, as much as ever, the love of reading we share with you! A big thank you to all our Bookeeners for participating in this adventure with us, some of you have been here with us since the beginning, or close!

Happy birthday to Bookeen, and happy CybookReads to everyone!

Bookeen's first 10 years in pictures
Bookeen’s first 10 years in pictures

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