Cybook Muse HD – Small patch update now available

Cybook Muse HD

Hello to all our Bookeeners with a Cybook Muse HD! You may have noticed that the dictionary definitions were printed so small you needed a microscope to read them. 😉 We’re happy to say we’ve fixed that. This patch also brings you improved touchscreen reactivity.

To install the patch, just connect your Cybook to wifi and follow the instructions.

If you don’t see the message letting you know an update is available, with the wifi activated select “Check for update” from the menu.

/!\ Please make sure your Cybook’s battery is charged before you install the update!

This patch is for Cybook Muse HD ONLY. All other models are up to date.

Version 6.3 (build 2529), Corrections:

  • Fixed the text-size of the dictionary definitions for better legibility
  • Improved touchscreen reactivity

If you have any questions our support team is happy to assist.

Happy reading to you all!

Bookeen Team

2 thoughts on “Cybook Muse HD – Small patch update now available

  1. hi,
    is it possible organize folders from the computer (for expample one folder for romance book, another for fantasy book ) or is it like the kindle that organizes books and folders only from the device like collection? select one book at a time and select folder.
    thank you so much, i’m trying to choose the perfect e-reader for me but it’s hard. i’m looking for one e-reader with solid button ( back and forward) and the folder’s organization from computer…it’s better for me but I cannot find it.

    i hope you can help me. thank you again.


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