Bookeen presents the Cybook Muse and Cybook Ocean

Cybook Ocean Design
Press Release: Cybook Ocean and Cybook Muse – Paris, 17 Octobre 2014

CYBOOK MUSE: The Inspirer

Bookeen announces the launch of their new line of 6″ E-Ink HD
e-readers featuring a compact and inviting “edge to edge” screen, providing an incomparable reading experience.

UPDATE 27 October 2014: find the full technical specifications for the Cybook Muse and Cybook Ocean at the end of the article.


Bookeen enriches its line of e-readers with the launch of 2 new models: Cybook Muse Essential and FrontLight.

New signature design for an inspiring reading experience
The Cybook Muse has a redesigned “edge to edge” screen, offering exceptional page visibility.

A streamlined design
The Cybook Muse has a 6’’ (15,2cm) screen allowing for easy reading in all conditions, while the size of the e-reader has been reduced by 17% in comparison to its predecessor, the Cybook Odyssey.

The E-Ink HD display is easy on the eyes
The Cybook Muse HD Display (758 x 1024 resolution) offers a brilliant resolution of 213 DPI, providing for comfortable reading.

A refined style
The interface is light, pure and sleek. The ergonomic design has been completely reinvented, while respecting the new design. This is where easy readability meets efficiency in navigation.

An enriched interaction
The Cybook Muse offers a rich interface with its new functions and possibilities like creating collections, searching text, organizing notes, customizing options and managing a menu of parameters of text that has been completely rethought, as well as a new PDF mode.

The new ultra-optimized Caecilia font
The Cybook Muse debuts a new optimized font for the e-readers. The precision, the clarity of the curves and sharpness of the contrast, no detail was omitted in the consideration of the elevation of reading enjoyment.

Turn pages how you’d prefer
Why shouldn’t you have the ability to use a touch screen to turn pages as well as actual buttons? The Cybook Muse compromised nothing. Turn the pages with the touch of a finger or with the buttons located on the right and left of the e-reader.

A practical size
With a width of 8mm and a weight of 190 grams, the Cybook Muse easily glides into pockets or handbags for simplified mobility.

An affordable price
The HD display screen, the innovative design and the rich technical specificities; the Cybook Muse offers a high quality product at a competitive price.

The Cybook Muse is connected to digital bookstores and readers can access hundreds of thousands of eBooks.

Protective Covers
With only 5mm added to the thickness of the e-reader, the protective cover for the Cybook Muse features an optimized design which is available in 4 colors: black, red, pink and orange.

2 Models
Cybook Muse Essential Fully equipped and beautifully designed e-reader
Suggested Retail Price: 79.90€ incl. VAT / 99 USD

Cybook Muse FrontLight Equipped with the latest technology FrontLight for comfortable day or night reading.
Suggested Retail Price: 99.90€ incl. VAT / 129 USD

CYBOOK OCEAN: As far as the eye can see

Bookeen announces the launch of the Cybook Ocean, the world’s thinnest e-reader with an 8 inch “edge to edge” screen

Cybook Ocean
Cybook Ocean, available for pre-order starting the 5th of November

For readers in search of a larger screen for more comfortable reading, Bookeen introduces its newest e-reader with an enlarged screen.

A new signature design to inspire readers
The ‘edge to edge’ design of the Cybook Ocean is comprised of one single pane, so readers can focus their attention on the page. The 64 in² electronic paper offers such a lucid view of the text that the reader becomes immersed like never before.

The multi-touch page was scored and given an anti-reflective treatment, recreating a real-paper feel.

79% more reading space
For those looking for a larger screen, the Cybook Ocean offers an outstanding reading experience with a 79% larger display compared to standard e-readers. With the enhanced screen, the display of the Cybook Ocean is nearly the size of a paperback book.

Ocean vs Book

The Cybook Ocean is 7mm thick, making it the world’s thinnest e-reader. 2 years of research and development were necessary to optimize the technical parameters to create a larger surface within the limits of portability.

Cybook Ocean Design

An e-paper screen
The Cybook Ocean has an anti-reflective screen with a 1024 x 758-pixel-display offering superior readability.

FrontLight technology
The Cybook Ocean debuts the latest generation in screen luminosity. With FrontLight, the user has the option to enjoy the best reading experience, be it day or night.

A new interaction
The ergonomically designed e-reader has been completely reinvented for the reader to experience a pure interaction with the large display screen. This is where readability meets efficiency in navigation.

An enriched interface
The Cybook Ocean now offers the possibility to create collections, research text, manage annotations, personalize options and utilize a new PDF mode.

Optimized Caecilia font
The new font adds to the sharpness of the lettering and the contrast of the curve. Nothing was omitted when designing the reader’s experience.

Sleek look
Made from glass and aluminum, the sturdy handheld design is refined yet portable.

Online Library
The user can directly access all online libraries and download hundreds of thousands of e-books at their convenience.

Protective Covers
The covers for the Cybook have been retooled by the same designer and add only 5mm to the e-reader. They’re available in 3 colors black, red and pink.

Cybook Ocean
Suggested retail price: 179.90€ incl. VAT / $229.00 plus tax

Pre-orders: November 5th, 2014
First Deliveries: November 20th, 2014

Principal Characteristics

Cybook Muse

  • Multi-point Touchscreen
  • E-Ink HD Display (758×1024) 213 DPI
  • Dimensions: 116 x 155 x 8 mm
  • Weight: 190g
  • Physical buttons
  • 4 GB internal memory
  • MicroSD card
  • Wi-Fi
  • 1 month battery life

For the FrontLight Model

  • Invisible light diffusion film. 20 different brightness levels.

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 155X 116 x 8 mm
  • Weight: 190 gr – 6.7 oz   (battery included)
  • Screen:
    • 6″ E Ink® HD screen
    • Daylight readable
    • Resolution: 758X1024(HD) 213 DPI
    • Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen (finger or adapted stylus only)
    • 16 levels of grey
    • Anti-glare treatment
  • Storage Memory: 4 GB
  • Processor: Cortex A8 1GHz
  • Communication Ports:
    • USB Client (v2.0) – Micro USB connector,
    • MicroSDHC card slot
    • Wi-Fi b/g/n
  • Battery: Rechargeable built-in Li-Polymer battery (1900 mAh)
  • Peripherals: USB synchronization and charge cable
  • Operating System: Embedded Linux
  • Software Suite:
    • BooReader – Bookeen multi-format eBook reader
    • Adobe® Reader Mobile
  • Supported text based file formats: ePub, PDF, HTML, TXT, FB2, DJVU
  • Supported image formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, TIF, PSD

FrontLight System – Leds front lighting (Muse Frontlight only):

  • Invisible laminated Light guide film

Cybook Ocean

  • Multi-point tactile screen
  • E-paper screen
  • FrontLight: 20 intensity levels
  • Dimensions: 150mm X  196mm X 7mm
  • Buttons to turn the pages
  • 4GB Internal memory
  • Micro SD card
  • Wi-Fi
  • 1 month battery life
  • FCC approved

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 7.7″ x 5.9″ x 0.27″ (196 x 150 x 7 mm)
  • Weight: 300g – 10.5oz (battery included)
  • Screen:
    • 8′ E-Paper screen
    • Daylight readable
    • Resolution768 x 1024 pixels (160 dpi)
    • 16 grey levels
    • Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen (finger or adapted stylus only)
  • FrontLight System :
    • Invisible laminated Light guide film
    • Anti-glare treatment
  • Storage Memory: 4 GB
  • Processor: Cortex A8 TI OMAP3611 800 MHz
  • Communication Ports:
    • USB Client (v2.0) – Micro USB connector,
    • microSDHC card slot
    • Wi-Fi b/g/n
  • Battery: Rechargeable built-in Li-Polymer battery (2100 mAh)
  • Peripherals: USB synchronization and charge cable
  • Operating System: Linux embedded version
  • Software Suite:
    • BooReader – Bookeen multi-format eBook reader
    • Adobe® Reader Mobile
  • Supported text based file formats: ePub, PDF, HTML, TXT, FB2, DJVU
  • Supported image formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, TIF, PSD

Starts November 5th, 2014
First deliveries expected on November 14th, 2014

About Bookeen

Based in Paris, Bookeen has been the French experts in e-readers since 1998. The superiority of its technical quality and its digital reading solutions have allowed Bookeen to develop partnerships with large retailers, independent bookstores, and numerous distribution leaders like Brazil’s Saraiva.

The Cybook Muse Essential and FrontLight join the Bookeen family along with the Cybook Odyssey (Essential and FrontLight), the Cybook Tablet and now the Cybook Ocean.

Bookeen is a prize winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 2013 for The EMEA zone and Fast 50 for France with sales climbing 726% in the last 5 years.

For more information, please visit:

Contacts Presse Bookeen:
Amy Milleron, +33 (0) 9 72 33 47 63 (EN)
Kai Maack, +33 (0) 1 83 64 77 06 (DE)
Clarisse Lazerges, +33 (0) 1 83 64 77 06 (FR)
Jean-François Kitten, +33 (0) 6 11 29 30 28 (FR)

36 thoughts on “Bookeen presents the Cybook Muse and Cybook Ocean

  1. Wow, both Ocean and Muse look amazing, really love the design. I’ve been using the Odyssey HD Fronglight so far (huge fan of the new firmware, by the way), but I think I’m going to get the Muse reader. Probably both…


  2. Fantastic!

    I’m a big fan of Bookeen and use the “old” Frontlight HD. What are the differences to the new Front Light HD 2 and – my second question – there will be an update for the old Frontligtht?
    Regards Tosch


    1. Hello Tosch,
      thanks for your message. To answer your questions, the differences between the original Odyssey FrontLight HD and the new Odyssey 2, short answer: Odyssey 2 has twice the memory (4go instead of 2go), twice the RAM, and will ship with the new interface. As for your second question, our devs are putting the finishing touches on the update for the Cybook Odyssey following the feedback from our beta-testers, and it will be available for download very soon.
      Happy reading,
      Bookeen Team


  3. How about orders to the United States? Your “outside Europe” website doesn’t seem to have an option to ship to me here, and the shop linked off the Bookeen site doesn’t include any actual products. I’d love to buy one of these readers if only you’d let me.


  4. Good morning/Bonjour.
    Interesting devices!
    But apart from the two Muse there are two new Odyssey e-readers:

    -Odyssey Frontlight 2

    -Odyssey Essential[

    And those weren’t mentioned in this but both of them are available for purchase now.
    new Odyssey and Muse are different devices, aren’t they? But while body is different I don’t know which specifications are differents between Oddysey and Muse.
    What’s the difference between Odyssey FL2 and Muse FL or between Odyssey Essential and Muse Essential?
    Will new Odyssey continue after being released the two Muse?

    Thank you/merci beaucoup


    1. Hello and Bonjour Manolo,
      you are quite right, Cybook Odyssey has also been given a major update recently with a new interface and some hardware improvements as well (more internal memory for instance: 4gb instead of 2gb previously). Cybook Odyssey is a very popular reader and will continue to be available alongside our new models. The Muse represents the next generation of Cybook with the competely new design signature first created for the Cybook Ocean, and allows us to propose 2 readers with different designs so that you can choose which one you prefer.
      We hope this answers your questions.
      Happy reading, Bonne lecture,
      Bookeen Team


  5. Dear Bookeen Team,

    only a few questions about the Ocean and the Muse:

    – Will their Frontlight technology be the same as the one currently mounted in the “Odissey Frontlight2”? It seems that, in the “Ocean” at least, there will be an older version of the Frontlight;

    – Will there be your so-called “HSIS” in the Ocean and Muse?

    – What about the CPU and RAM in the Ocean? It seems that these components will be slower than the ones mounted in the Odyssey and in the Muse: 800MHz versus 1GHZ for the CPU, and 128MB versus 256MB for the RAM…

    Thank you!


    1. Hello Michele,
      we will be publishing the complete specs for Cybook Ocean and Muse very soon, so keep watching here to get all the information you are looking for.
      Happy reading,
      Bookeen Team


    1. Hello buza,
      all Cybooks are shipped with a usb cable (standard micro-usb) which can be used for charging as well as transferring files between your computer and your Cybook.

      In addition, as the micro-usb port is a standard connector, you probably already have some usb cables or chargeurs which will also be compatible, and these cables are readily available in shops in case you lose it.
      Happy reading,
      Bookeen Team


  6. The Muse Frontlight product looks interesting. However, I’m concerned that it has a Linux OS and I have Win7 on my computers. I’ve done an internet search and didn’t see anything that addressed this particular compatibility question. Can I use your product and download books easily, given my OS situation?


    1. Hello BLS,
      don’t worry, Cybooks are compatible with windows as well as all operating systems used on home computers. The OS installed on the Cybook is only used to manage the on-board software (reading app, library management etc.) and does not interface with your PC, so compatibility is not an issue. When you connect your Cybook to your computer, it will be seen as an external USB drive, and you can easily transfer your files back and forth regardless what kind of computer you’re using, just as if you plugged in an external hard drive or a flash drive.
      I hope this answers your question,
      happy reading,
      Bookeen Team


    1. Hello Kusal,
      thanks for your message. We ship using FEXEX services and pre-orders will be shipped in the order they are received, starting the 24th of november. Fedex provides tracking so you’ll be able to follow your package on its voyage. You can use the tool on Fedex site to calculate an estimated delivery date: The package will be shipped from Paris, France, postal code 75013, and you’ll need to enter the city or postal code where it will be delivered in Australia as well.
      I hope this helps,
      happy reading to you,
      Bookeen Team


  7. Hello,
    Will the Cybook Ocean also be available through dealers in Germany soon(in Nov or Dec) or will I have to order it from you directly?

    I am thinking about how to reduce the high shipping costs. If I order a product within Germany, shipping is mostly free or at most €4.

    Is it also possible to return the reader ( in Germany this is possible within a period of 2 weeks) in case it does not suit my requirements (reading PDF documents)?

    Best Regards


    1. Hello Jan,
      I’m afraid I don’t have information on our German resellers yet.
      You can of course return your Cybook if you are not satisfied with it, within the legal delay of 7 days, for a refund of the purchase price. You’ll find all the details of our terms of trade in this page: in particule, “Article 6: Returns”.
      I hope this answers your questions,
      Best regards,
      Bookeen Team


  8. I have been using the Muse Essential for a couple of days now and have to say I just love it. It is nice and light to hold and the screen quality is amazing. Thank you guys!


    1. Hello German,
      you can switch on and off the display of the book title and page numbers by going to Menu > Layout > and then “Show Page Number” and “Show Book Title”.
      These can be displayed independently of each other so if you want to keep the page numbers but not the book title, you can.
      Happy reading,
      Bookeen Team


  9. Thanks.

    One more cuestion:

    Is it possible to leave the margins to 0 (no margin)? If in the original epub put them to 0 (eg with Calibre) will remain at 0 in the Cybook Muse?

    Best Regards


  10. Dear Booken Team,
    what about the dispaly in cybook muse? In some articles i read it has a pearl display but another say it is a carta display. On your webpage i did not find this information, just e ink hd.
    Best Regards


  11. Looks like nobody got the memo about the Carta screen, as 3 months later it is still not mentioned in the specs. Or anywhere else but here.


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