Cybook Ocean : first look at the interface

Cybook Ocean Interface

Uncluttered Display

This new, large reading display comes with a new airy, uncluttered interface, for easy access to all your ebooks. All the essential features on the home page, intuitive menus, new search feature, improved notes and text management; everything has been carefully thought out for the comfort of the reader.

Take a look at some of the new features:

Cybook Ocean Interface

Text search

Place your finger on a word to show the definition, or to search for other appearances in the text. Search for any word by typing it into the search engine with the on-screen keyboard. Navigate through the text as you like, from one passage to the next, go back to the list of results, or continue reading where you started your search.

Notes management

Instantly add a highlight, note or bookmark, without interrupting your reading. Simply indicate the passage you want to highlight by marking the beginning and the end with two fingers, or tap the upper right corner to add a bookmark.
The notes manager allows you to navigate through all the notes in your book, modify them, delete them and add new ones.

Text display

A new settings window lets you personalise all the essential elements of the text display. Text size and font family, line-spacing, margins, justification are accessible and adjustable in seconds. For those who want even more control, the advanced menu offers additional options.

Your personalised library

The new library on the Ocean lets you organise your ebooks however you like. Create personalised collections by series, by author, sort by genre, for the first time directly on your Cybook.

More new features will be integrated and presented throughout the coming weeks…

Stay tuned…

Happy reading everyone,

Bookeen Team

25 thoughts on “Cybook Ocean : first look at the interface

  1. what a relief to hear some official news about this logawaited device. i hope i’ll be able to hold one of these devices in my hands during the upcoming CeBIT trade show in germany?!? looking forward to further details 😉


  2. The information under Your personalised library worries me a bit – is folder view disappearing?

    That and the ability to operate one handed were the deciding factors in my buying my Frontlight.


  3. The size of the screen looks to me as a greate advantage over the other ebook reader with smaller screens, and the pdf reading sistem looks greate too. Hope this one comes with spanish and english dictionaries.


  4. Hopefully this reader is available via online order to buyers in Australia & New Zealand.
    I would like a bigger touch screen e-reader that is NOT the Kindle DX (or clones)


  5. “Panel: 8″
    Resolution: 768 x 1024 px
    DPI: 160???????????????”

    Disappointing and didn’ t worth waiting at all!! 😦



  6. Will it be possible to install custom dictionaries to Cybook Ocean or will we only be able to use the factory installed dictionaries?

    Please, please, please allow the users to install their own dictionaries. I currently own a Kobo Glo which only has a truly lousy American English dictionary installed and I cannot install any dictionaries myself. So many times I cannot find a word I do not understand in this pre-installed dictionary and I have to use a Cambridge dictionary installed on my mobile phone, it is such a waste of time to read like this.

    Not everyone is a native English speaker, a lot of people need UK English dictionaries (or other languages) to read English books. Some dictionaries are really good, but some are truly awful.

    Please, allow the users to install their own dictionaries to make our experience top notch. I am eagerly awaiting this e-reader and I dearly hope I will be able to install a good UK English dictionary on it.


    1. Hello Miu,
      you can install your own dictionaries on the Cybook Odyssey and you will also be able to on the Cybook Ocean. You just need to place the dictionary in the “Dictionaries” folder in the Cybook’s memory, via a usb connection to your computer.
      Best regards,
      Bookeen Team


  7. One more thing – it saddens me to see that .mobi and other Kindle formats are not supported. I know one can use Calibre to convert -mobi to .epub, but I am sure many Kindle readers would be tempted by this larger screen and it would be so much more convenient for them if they did not have to convert all of the books they had already bought from Amazon to read them on this new reader.


    1. Hello Miu,
      Bookeen supports the industry standard, open format epub. The kindle format is a closed, proprietary format used only by Amazon. They are the only constructor using this format, and as it is their proprietary format with proprietary drm they refuse to licence it to be used on any device which also supports any other drm format, which precludes installing it on a Cybook alongside epub since we also support epub with drm. So, in fact the question you pose is the wrong way around, if you will; you should rather be writing to Amazon, to request that they join the rest of the publishing industry in using the standard open epub format. 😉 t’s true that Kindle owners are unfortunately more or less locked in to the amazon system, but the really unfortunate thing is that this is not more clear to many of them when they first purchase a kindle, since if they bought *any* other reader, they could get their books anywhere they wanted, and their library would be in epub format, and they would not have to convert their books even if they decide to switch to a different model or different brand of reader.
      I hope this answers your question.
      Happy reading,
      Bookeen Team


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