Cybook Screensaver Contest: Vote for the People’s Choice prize!

Our Cybook Screensaver Contest is over, now to award the prizes! In case you missed it, the contest was to create a new Cybook screensaver image. The creators of the winning images can win fabulous prizes including a Cybook or a Cybook accessory of their choice, and the winning image will be included on Cybooks along with our official screensavers!

A huge thank you to all who participated! We received such wonderful images, some funny, some poetic, all of them inventive! Choosing the winners was no easy task… as you will see!


For the first time, in addition to our own selection, we’re awarding a “People’s Choice” award, chosen by you!

And, in response to feedback from our community, we’ve extended the voting period, and it’s now possible to vote directly on our blog!

As we received some images at the very last minute, they didn’t benefit from the same visibility as those sent at the very beginning of the contest. Also, we want to allow everyone to participate, without needing to have an account on facebook or pinterest.

The winner of the People’s Choice prize will receive a Cybook accessory of their choice or a gift check good for ebooks in the BookeenStore. The winner will be announced along with the winners selected by Bookeen, at the end of the vote!

With no further ado, here are the images in the running. Hurry and vote for your favourites, you have through MONDAY 23 SEPTEMBER!

Note: you may vote for as many of the images as you like, but of course, only once. 😉

Best of luck to all, and happy reading!
Bookeen Team

Find all the details of the contest on our blog here:
See the images in large format along with more information about them in our albums on facebook and Pinterest, then vote in our poll below!

Join the discussion!

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7 thoughts on “Cybook Screensaver Contest: Vote for the People’s Choice prize!

    1. Hello Jini,
      thanks for your message. I’ll pass along your request to our team, you are not the first person to mention this preference. In the meantime, I do hope you’ll vote for your favourite picture(s) in our poll anyway!
      Happy reading,
      Bookeen Team


    1. Hello James,
      thanks for your message. We agree, it’s a beautiful photo. If you take a look at the details mentioned in our facebook and pinterest albums you’ll see that it’s a photo taken of the banks of the Rhône river, in Lyon, France, this summer.
      Thanks for participating!
      Happy reading,
      Bookeen Team


  1. Sure I did 🙂
    Raymond’s picture reminds me of my time in Paris.
    Also the pictures of Clément and Gwenaëlle would look very nicely on a Cybook.


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