Contest: become a Cybook Star!

Are you an artist? Here’s your chance, with Bookeen! Create a screensaver image for Cybook; the winning images will be included with our official screensavers, and will be featured on the next Cybooks! If your image is selected, you could win a Cybook, a Cybook accessory of your choice, or a gift certificate for ebooks from the Bookeen Store!

Two chances to win! In addition to our internal selection, submitted images will be displayed on our facebook and Pinterest pages. The image which gets the most “likes” will be elected “People’s Choice” and will also be included!

How to participate?

Read carefully the technical specifications below, create your original image, and send it to us BEFORE AUGUST 30 2013 via facebook, twitter, or mail at community at bookeen dot com.

Take a look at our current screensavers for inspiration, on our Pinterest board.

The fine print:

– images must be in portrait mode, .png format, 768 x 1024px or 1536 x 2048px
– the image must be black and white, with high contrast, since it will be displayed on a 256-level greyscale screen.

/! Don’t forget that the image must look good on an e-ink screen. If the format and the technical guidelines are not respected, we will not be able to use the image.


The image should be about literature, reading, books, texts, authors, …


For obvious reasons, we cannot select images which could be considered shocking or offensive. Please also avoid images which are too minimalist to be understood by the general public. The image should bring pleasure to a maximum of our clients who will find it on their Cybook.

Bookeen must be able to use the image free of copyright restrictions.

Now grab your mouse, pen, stylus, paintbrush… Best of luck to all of you, we can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with!

Bookeen Team

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