2011: The Cybook Odyssey

Bookeen Story: Chapter 5

2011 brings two revolutions for Bookeen: the arrival of the Cybook Odyssey, and strong partnerships with major European bookstore chains.

After the nomadic Opus and the slim and elegant Orizon, the Odyssey is the result of several years of research to accelerate the migration of the electronic ink in the screen. This exclusive technology provides a responsiveness and speed previously impossible on an e-ink screen.

In February 2011, for the first time, Bookeen demonstrates video playback on an e-ink screen, then in May a new video demonstrates scrolling in real-time, opening new possibilities for touch-screen navigation. These two demonstrations soar to the top of E-Ink Infos “Best of 2011” list, more often occupied by US companies.

In November 2011, the Cybook Odyssey is launched. Bookeen’s HSIS (High Speed Ink System) technology makes it extremely rapid, as shown by the animated covers when you open a book, or the scrolling menus. Dictionary look-up is implemented shortly after launch, with a selection of dictionaries.

With its compact design, its touch-screen interface as well as physical buttons, the Cybook Odyssey is a holiday best-seller.

2011 also marks the beginning of new partnerships: with Virgin in France, and an Odyssey branded with the famous capital V, as well as a significant partnership in Italy with La Feltrinelli. These are the beginnings of a new model which will fully develop in 2012, in which Bookeen provides an innovative technical solution to major European booksellers, capable of managing the on-board bookstores of all our clients.

Cybook Odyssey signed by Harlan Coben

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