Late 2010: The Cybook Orizon and the Bookeen Store

Bookeen Story: Chapter 4

In light of the success of the 5-inch Cybook Opus, Bookeen decides to complete their offer with a larger model. In addition, this new Cybook will offer an on-board bookstore, accessible via wifi, and a touchscreen interface.

The goal of creating a super-thin device requires Bookeen’s team to perform technical prowesses, as Bookeen intends to propose a large screen device with an innovative design, without sacrificing the solidity and robustness of the reader.

At the end of October 2010, Bookeen pulls out all the stops with the launch of the Cybook Orizon, available in white and black, and the launch of their on-board bookshop, the Bookeen Store, with over 30,000 french-language books available.

The design of the Orizon is extremely elegant. Its extraordinarily thin profile, only 7.6mm, makes it the thinnest reader in the world.

Cybook Orizon, photo by Deividas T.

With this new arrival, Bookeen proposes on the one hand a highly portable reader, the 5’’ Cybook Opus, and on the other hand the larger 6’’ Cybook Orizon, with a touchscreen interface and on-board bookstore.

These two Cybooks will be the stars of a poster campaign in the Parisian subway, to coincide with the Paris Book Fair.

Serial reader?
Hungry for books?

The Cybook Orizon meets with great success during the holidays.

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And retrace Bookeen’s first 10 years in photos, here:

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