Cybook Parade: are you a winner?

The (very) private life of the Cybook Odyssey…

We all know Cybooks love to travel, but they also appreciate the comforts of home ! Thanks to our intrepid Bookeeners, here’s a glimpse into the (very) private life of the Cybook Odyssey… and the winners of this round of our contest!

Careful not to splash!

Thanks to J-S V. for this lovely and relaxing photo! (If you’d like to try this at home, we recommend protecting your Cybook with a ziploc bag). I’m coveting that bathtub now… J-S V., would you mind subletting it to me from time to time?

Clearly it's true love... of reading!

From the bathtub to the bedroom… that must be an awfully good book! Thanks to Isa B. for this very sexy photo!

"On Neumarkt Place in Dresden, my Odyssey plays hide-and-seek with the Frauenkirche"

Laure G. takes us back outside for some fresh air and this magnificent view of the Frauenkirche in Dresden!

Our three winners will receive an accessory of their choice for their Cybook. Congratulations!

Our contest ends here (until the next time…) but the Cybook Parade continues on our facebook page; take a look at the photos sent by Bookeeners from all over the world, and feel free to send your own, if the mood strikes you!

Thank you again to all who participated, we absolutely love to see your photos!

Happy reading !

Bookeen Team

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