Cybook Odyssey: Dictionary Feedback

Following up on the dictionary beta tests, we would like to thank you very much for the rich feedback we received. We know you’re all very interested to know about future development, so we wanted to share some information with you about our plans.

Based on your feedback, we have already scheduled the following for future firmware updates.

Short term:

  • Select and prioritize preferred dictionaries (monolingual and bilingual)
  • Lookup within definitions
  • Lookup from virtual keyboard
  • History management

In parallel:

  • Finalized dictionaries
  • More dictionaries
  • Tool to build your own dictionaries

Thanks again to all our great beta testers for their very valuable feedback.

Happy reading,

Bookeen Team

Update 6 december 2012: For those of you looking for a specific dictionary, take a look at this free tool created by a clever Cybook user which allows you to convert any StarDict or XML format dictionary for your Cybook. Thank you, Pettarin! I thought I would put the links directly in the articles for easier reference.

7 thoughts on “Cybook Odyssey: Dictionary Feedback

  1. Any chance to have “hypertext” dictionnary, enabling you to click on a word in the dictionnary entry to jump to its definition?


    1. Hello Corghan, thanks for your message. I don’t have any info about new features for the dictionary at the moment, but I will pass along your request to our team.

      Happy reading,
      Bookeen Team


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