Ebook Bundle: Corrected file for “Der Freigeist”

A sharp-eyed reader alerted us that there was a problem with the formatting in one of the free books provided in our ebook bundles, “Der Freigeist” by Gotthold Lessing.

We’ve corrected the file and we’re happy to provide it here, download it by clicking on the link below. To read the book, just edit the file name to remove the .zip extension, so the file ends in “.epub”, before loading it on your Cybook.

Der Freigeist_Lessing.epub

Thanks very much to the Bookeener who let us know about this so we could correct it.

Happy reading,

Bookeen Team

2 thoughts on “Ebook Bundle: Corrected file for “Der Freigeist”

    1. Hello Ruskie,
      thanks for your message. You can let us know about errors by sending a message via our contact form: http://www.bookeen.com/en/contactus/ Please be as specific as possible. Note that we may not be able to correct errors within the text of the free public domain books immediately, depending on what kind of error it is, and whether there is a corrected version of the text available, but we will do our best.

      Best regards,
      Bookeen Team


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