Beta-test for dictionaries

Bookeen wants YOU to beta-test new dictionaries!

Our development team is hard at work finalising a selection of new dictionaries, and we’re looking for some beta-testers before the public release.

Currently we need testers for the following languages:

  • Italian
  • English
  • English to French
  • English to Italian

The test will begin around the 17th of January.

If you have a Cybook Odyssey and you would like to participate, leave a comment below, telling us what language(s) you can test. Don’t forget to indicate your email address in the proper field.

Happy reading,

Bookeen Team

UPDATE: The first dictionaries are available for tests now! Get all the details here:

47 thoughts on “Beta-test for dictionaries

  1. I’m ready to test English and English to French.

    Congratulations for the nice firmware updates by the way, it’s great to see all annoying issues fixed!


  2. English

    I can compare it with e.g. Mirriam Websters unabridged dictionary

    And when available:
    English to Finnish
    English to Swedish
    Swedish to English
    Finnish to English


  3. I’m available for
    English French

    Firmware 1485 installed successfully, thank you.
    By the way, its “Table of Contents” WITH an “s” 😉 – pity you missed it!


  4. Hi, would like to test the dictionary’s feature.

    I may test the italian dictionary and the english to italian dictionary too.

    Thank you!


  5. Gents,

    As available would like to test :
    – English to French
    – French to English
    – English

    – A good unabridged English dictionary
    – Possibility to use .dic dictionaries (e.g. ala PocketBook)
    – Et si possible corrigez moi ces affreux freeze/plantages lors du retour de veille c’est à se les mordre.

    Merci and Kind Regards.


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