Cybook Odyssey: Firmware Upgrade v1481

A new firmware upgrade to version 4.0.1481 is now available for the Cybook Odyssey. It will be automatically proposed to you via the wifi connection as soon as you connect your Odyssey, or you can download it from our site for manual installation: Support > Download.

The change log is also available for download on our site.

Version 4.0 (build 1481)

  • Fix: support for USB drive ejection (Mac, Windows, Linux).
  • Fix: USB connectivity (looping disconnections, successive cable insertions).

Version 4.0 (build 1476)

  • Fix: pressing side buttons could lead to turn 2 pages instead of 1.
  • Fix: some SDHC cards were not recognized.

Version 4.0 (build 1470)

  • Optimization of touch reactivity and sensitivity.
  • Smoother animations and scrolling.
  • Fix on USB disconnections.
  • Fix on highlight and annotations (1 & 2 fingers).
  • Serial number visible in “About” box and in /system/sn.txt

Automated installation (Wi-Fi)

  • Connect the Cybook to the Internet (ebook store or browser), the latest firmware update is proposed, validate.
  • The firmware update is automatically downloaded then installed.
  • The device restarts automatically with the new software version.

Manual installation

  • Download the firmware update file from
  • Copy the file CybUpdate.bin onto a microSD card.
  • Switch off your Cybook (Home, “Settings”, “Advanced”, “Shutdown”).
  • Insert the microSD card.
  • Press the main button (central button below the screen) and keep it pressed while switching on the Cybook.
  • When the boot image appears (after about 2s), you can release the main button.
  • The firmware update will be launched and, once complete, will reboot the device automatically.

Happy reading,
Bookeen Team

15 thoughts on “Cybook Odyssey: Firmware Upgrade v1481

  1. Hi,
    once the user has many ebooks listed in the device library, say few hundreds, it is pretty difficult to go thru the list to find the book one needs. Does the library have a search functionality to help finding or filtering books by (part of) author name or by (part of) book title ?


    1. Hello Daniel,
      Thanks for your message. If you have a large library, we recommend you use folders to organise it and then activate the Folder View via the menu. This will make it much easier to navigate. There is no search function in the library at this time. If you like, you can make feature requests directly by using the contact form on our site.
      Best regards,
      Bookeen Team


    1. Hello Gospod,
      support for djvu is not planned at this time. It’s a format which is not really adapted to reading on a small screen, since it is not reflowable. We recommend you choose epub format instead.

      Best regards,
      Bookeen Team


  2. Hi!

    Disaster…the device will connect/disconnect on my MacBook Pro Lion OS…it is never found by ADE. On my windows machine, windows fails to install any device driver for the unit…it is not found by ADE there either!!

    Seriously…I payed 200 euros for the device/cover/wall charger, and it does not even connect to my computers?!


  3. Hi
    I see that you are rapidly upgrading the firmware. Nonetheless I still I have big problems in USB connection. Acually I am unable to see the reader through my Windows 7 system. It is the case to send the device for a repair?
    Thanks Francesco


  4. Hello Simone,

    Any news on this problem from Bookeen support ???

    I also faced some times this problem of automatic start up when i put my odyssey in stand by mode.


  5. Hi Manolis,
    I’ve written to support more than 1 week ago, but no answers yet.
    BTW with the last firmware (v1485) I find the odyssey shutted down instead of “on” discharging the battery.


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