More about the Cybook Odyssey and the High Speed Ink System technology

Press release Bookeen Paris, 19th October 2011

Following the announcement of our new product, the Cybook Odyssey, we received many questions regarding the HSIS technology.

Bookeey Cybook Odyssey

What is High Speed Ink System (HSIS)?

HSIS is an architecture developed by Bookeen and results from 2 years of research & development. This architecture is made of hardware and software components in order to boost electronic ink.

Cornerstones of HSIS which are incorporated within the Cybook Odyssey are:

  • Optimized software stack and algorithms, developed with quality and performance in mind from the ground up. The main goals are to increase computing speed and refresh display rate thanks to a very sharp display management.
  • An E Ink Pearl touch display providing a best-in-class e-paper reading experience.
  • A dedicated Cortex A8 processor, developed by Texas Instruments in partnership with Bookeen, which brings pure and efficient horsepower.

A consumer electronic product can be seen as a chain of hardware and software elements. As for any chain, it is as strong as its weakest link. With HSIS, the chain is perfectly balanced; all links are robust and optimized. HSIS is the foundation for a brand new groundbreaking E Ink based user experience.

What does HSIS bring to the Cybook Odyssey?

  • Comfort: an intuitive e-reading experience.
  • Speed: a reactive and smooth user interface.
  • Power efficiency: record battery life.

For example, the Cybook Odyssey is the first e-paper reader to provide rolling menus or a scrolling web browser. More features will be revealed in the forthcoming days.

How will HSIS evolve?

This architecture already allows e-reading devices to be built with different display sizes, with different bistable technologies, and with grayscale as well as color e-paper displays.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank E-Ink and Texas Instruments for these fruitful collaborations.

Based in Paris (France), the Bookeen team has been pioneers in the ebook industry since 1998 and has developed many e-reading solutions in over 13 years. We’re very proud to bring innovation to the market with our HSIS technology and through the launch of the Cybook Odyssey you will be able to experience it to its full capacity.


  • Equipped with exclusive HSIS (High Speed Ink System ) technology for an amazingly fast speed on an E Ink® pearl screen
  • A 6” screen in a compact design
  • A premium device with a robust and classy aluminium back
  • A multi-touch interface
  • A fast Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 20 font sizes
  • Thousands of books available in seconds
  • Support Major open formats

Multi-Touch paperlike Display
6’’ E Ink® Pearl Display
600 x 800 pixels
Resolution: 167 dpi
Technology: E Ink Pearl (V220)
Capacitive multi-touch
Fast & Powerful Engine
CPU: Cortex A8 TI OMAP3611 800MHz
High Speed Ink System (HSIS)
Ultra reactive User Interface
Scrollable menus
Dynamic zoom
Fluid Web browsing
Elegant & Compact Design
Dimensions: 166mm x 120mm x 9mm
Weight: 195g – 6.87 oz*
Aluminum back casing
Buttons: Page Forward, Page Back, Menu
Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)
Micro-USB connector
Weeks of Battery Life
Battery: 1650 mAh
Battery Life: approx 25,000 page flips
Internal Memory: 2GB (iNAND),
approx. 2,000 ebooks (*)
Expansion Slot: microSDHC up to 32GB,
approx. 32,000 ebooks
USB: microUSB for transferring file and charging
Accelerometer (portrait/landscape)
Personal screensaver pictures
Audio: 3.5mm stereo
Hundred of books included
User interface in 23 languages
Web browser included
OS Linux 2.6.31
20 font sizes
Software features: notes/bookmark/
highlights/dictionary (French version)
Supported ebook standards: ePub, PDF,
Adobe® DRM, HTML, TXT, FB2
Music: MP3

Media Contacts:

Jean-François Kitten, +33611293028.  Capucine de Jessey,   Imogen Bailey, +331 83 64 77 06  &  +331 42 15 70 12

28 thoughts on “More about the Cybook Odyssey and the High Speed Ink System technology

  1. That’s a great innovation!! I’d like to get one of these! Will this new stack become available for any other products as well, such as the Orizon???


    1. Hello Paul,
      unfortunately we can’t include this new technology in previous generations, because it depends partly on firmware optimisation but also partly on hardware optimisation, so it’s not compatible.
      Thanks for your message,
      Bookeen Team


  2. It will be possible to develop some software on it? I don’t want to sell it, I’m thinking if it will possible to improve the software 🙂 Are the sources under a free license like GPL? It would be great 🙂


  3. This is so so so cool! 😀

    I’m definitely getting one.

    My hope for this or future models: That you incorporate the best from the Sony line, that is:

    – A hand writing feature and a stylus, so it becomes possible to take notes by hand in books and documents.
    – Good support for pdf reflow etc
    – Dictionary support for many languages (seems like there’s only going to be a French dictionary from the specs here?)
    – A nice cover with built-in light, like the sonys and the kindle have.
    – And an additional hope, that goes way beyond what sony or kindle currently have: support for reading “strange” languages like Arabic and Hebrew, that go from right to left. After all there’s a lot of Jews and Arabs in France!

    Anyway: Really looking forward to getting one! Good luck with putting this great reader on the market.


  4. The hardware looks great. Can you confirm that the case is not glossy?

    Why is the dictionary support only available on the French version? Will you be releasing details of the dictionary format so that others can create dictionaries from, for example, Wiktionary?


  5. Eagerly waiting…
    But could you please upload some more video of the amazing browser? I am sure that will draw more attention to it !!


  6. Will the browser support flash or html5? I ask because with the increased frame rate and audio support it would be possible to play YouTube video!


    1. Hello Bob,
      flash support is not planned for the Odyssey. It’s developped specifically as a reader and we’re really concentrating on improving the reading experience over other functions.
      Best regards,
      Bookeen Team


  7. Looks like an amazing device, it’s been months I’ve been trying to decide which ebook reader to buy, and I’m glad I found this one. AND I’m spending Christimas in France this year, I can’t wait to visit a Virgin megastore 🙂
    But one question still remains, though, and it’s about dictionary support: has this version been improved with the possibility of installing more dictionaries, other than the pre-installed french?
    I was reading the discussion about such feature on the Orizon and It seemed to me that users are still waiting for an update. Have you taken any steps forward, is the Odyssey a device for those who wish to learn languages through reading?
    Thanks and regards!


  8. Hello.
    Can I install any english-russian dictionary to it. because i often read english books.
    How i can order it from Azerbaijan or Russian?


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