Bookeen answers: Bluetooth on the Orizon

Following some questions from our users, we confirm that the Cybook Orizon is compatible with a Bluetooth connection as announced, as the device contains all the necessary elements for this type of connection. However, and Bookeen apologises for this to our customers who are waiting for this feature, we have encountered some unexpected difficulties which have prevented us from implementing this feature so far.

We are doing our best to add this feature as quickly as possible and fulfill this expectation. We appreciate your patience and comprehension.

We would love to know how you intend to use the Bluetooth and why this feature interests you; please feel free to tell us your plans in the comments.

Happy reading,

Bookeen Team

20 thoughts on “Bookeen answers: Bluetooth on the Orizon

  1. Can’t wait!
    I would like to use bluetooth to transfer books (and maybe pictures) to my orizon from the computer without having to move my usb cord from my wall charger which I keep in a different room.


  2. Will it be possible to transfer books (and pictures etc) from an Orizon into another Orizon directly (with bluetooth)? I think that would be great, easier than to use a computer if someone has a book you’d like to read, or if you are somewhere where there aren’t any computers nearby 🙂


  3. The updates are great and always look forward to new firmware updates.

    Bluetooth would be great to load books from mobile devices when you do not have a PC around. I often travel and use my iPhone or Blackberry for Internet but can not then transfer files to my Orizon without a pc.


  4. En realidad, si se tiene Calibre en el ordenador, se pueden transmitir al Orizon los libros, via wifi. Funciona muy bien.

    El bluetooth lo utilizaría para para transmitir libros desde teléfonos móviles.


  5. It could be possible to use the cable only to charge the battery.
    For all the other functions (load ebboks, images) we could use the BT connection.
    What about connecting to a mobile phone to access the net?


  6. I do feel that the website is rather misleading. I would be much happier if it just said that the bluetooth was coming in a firmware upgrade. I would still have purchased my orizon anyway.
    Also I am wondering why the gen 3 is more expensive than the orizon? it seems to have much less features (no wi-fi, touch screen). This made choosing which cybook I should get rather difficult!

    I am looking forward to the next firmware upgrade!


    1. Hello Bob,
      I can understand why you might be surprised by the price difference between Gen3 and Orizon. In fact, Gen3 Gold currently available is priced higher than the Orizon because it is sold in a bundle with several accessories: included are the black case, power adapter, and earphones for listening to mp3s. So the accessories are the reason for the higher price.
      Best regards,
      Bookeen Team


  7. Hello Bookeen team,
    I just got few (I think good :p ) ideas:
    1. Drawer. If there is a touchscreen why do not use it in a bit another way. Now you will use your Orizon like a prossesional tablet.
    2. Applicaton support. If there is possibility to install applications then many programists can make apps. Games, text editors, file browsers etc. etc.
    3. Unzipper. In Internet are many free (and legal) ebooks, but most of them are zipped or rarred (or compressed another way). Becouse library is only browser you can not at least see did they are downloaded.
    4. Polish translation. I understand like you can not have translators for evry launguage, but in Polish translarion 1/3 menu is not translated and most of the rest is veeery bad. Worst is “shtting down” on translaton this is “gasić”. It should be “Wyłącz” (imperative of “wyłączać”; “switch off”). At polish you can “gasić” fire, car etc. but not electronic devices.

    Sorry for my “high” standard of english,
    Luca B.

    PS I think that about this “It could be possible to use the cable only to charge the battery.
    For all the other functions (load ebboks, images) we could use the BT connection.”
    Not evrybody have bluetooth. This will be obstructing.


    1. Cześć Luca !
      Thanks for your comments. Regarding specifically the Polish translation: we try our best to provide accurate translations, but we’ve got no native polish speakers on hand and so we cannot be sure if the translation we get is the best one. We sincerely apologise for the inaccurate translations! If you would like to make a list of the incorrect words / expressions and send them to us by email, with your corrections, we will be very happy to correct them, and I am sure all Polish speaking Cybook users will be very grateful to you. 😉 You can send them to community (at) bookeen (dot) com and I will make sure they get to the right person. 🙂
      Bookeen Team


  8. Bluetooth external keyboard, that would be handy cause you could attach a keyboard only when you need it, and a good notes/text app synchable with a PC or website.


  9. I’d like some improvement in sync functions – is there a software that does that? Calibre does not have sync or Bookeen readers. Bluetooth would be great for this sort of function


  10. After admiring the new Odissey, could you reassure us that the Bluetooth feature will be made available, as promised in the specification and also here, for us Orizon owners?


  11. Yes, bluetooth connection is important for me too. For example in the journey I can download an e-book via my cell phone ant easily transfer it to my Orizon. So I don’t need a USB cable and computer. Just cell phone and ebook device.
    When you will add this function and how to update an Orizon software?

    Sorry if my english is poor, but I think that it can be understood 🙂


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