Coming soon to the Cybook Orizon

The next upgrade for the Cybook Orizon will be available soon, here is a first look at some of the new features you can expect. Stay tuned for more news!


– Highlighting
– Antialiasing (allows setting text with enhanced contrast)


– Connects automatically to registered networks
– Manual setting
– Various fixes and improvements


– Favorite list
– Progress bar


– Asynchronous mode (allows quick typing)


– Localization
– Dialog icons

Happy reading,

Bookeen Team

16 thoughts on “Coming soon to the Cybook Orizon

  1. Great improvements, looking forward to experiencing them!
    Some new stories for your backlog:
    As a reader I’d like to add notes to paragraphs / highlighted phrases so that I can improve my understanding of the text or summarise my interpretation.
    As a reader I can search the book for boolean combinations of words so that I’m able to efficiently navigate the text.
    As a reader I’m able to add tags and user-defined meta elements to book (and pages) in order to better organize my books / chapters.
    As a reader I’m able to create virtual shelfes so that I can organize my books in a flexible, user-defined way.

    I’ll probably can come up with more innovative thoughts …



  2. Oh …. And a Very Very Important Story (I cannot believe I forgot that one):
    As a buyer I’d like to purchase new eBooks from any eStore of my choice, using my Orizon plugging them directly at my Orizon bookshelf, so that I’m independent from any provider as well as any other device or context except Wlan.

    Thanks in advance *big smile*


    1. Hello again Paul, thanks for your comment. You are already free to purchase books anywhere you choose for your Cybook Orizon! Bookeen believes that readers should be able to choose for themselves. That feature is already available for all Cybooks. 🙂 You can even do it directly from your Orizon, by visiting the bookstore via the browser.
      Happy reading,
      Bookeen Team


  3. Hello. Will there also be a new Firmware-Version for the Opus? There are still some little bugs and the Antialiasing-Fature sounds very interesting!


    1. Hello Harry,
      currently the priority is to release updates with key features for the Orizon, however we have not forgotten the Cybook Opus. 🙂 We’ll let you know right here as soon as we have some news on that subject. Thanks for your interest!
      Happy reading,
      Bookeen Team


  4. Thank you for your answer. Can i make a Suggest for the handling with fonts (on every Reader) I think it would be very nice, if the Reader would ignore ALL embedded Fonts in the ePub. So that only the Font YOU have decided on the Opus/Orizon will be displayed on the Display. The Opus is so great, cause you can load your own Fonts on it, but many many ePubs define their own Fonts and the Opus doesnt overwrite this. So in this case the Feature is totally bootless. Thank You…


    1. Hello Harry,
      thanks for your message. I believe that the behaviour you are describing may be dependent on Adobe’s epub rendering engine. In addition, this is not necessarily practical; sometimes, a book may need an embedded font to display some special characters which may not be available in other fonts. This could be the case for different languages (Greek, Russian, Chinese…) or for maths, for example. Therefore I am not sure that we can completely override all embedded fonts. Of course, if you know how to modify epub files, you can always remove the embedded fonts yourself. I know this is not a perfect solution, however it has the advantage of being immediate. 🙂
      Best regards,
      Bookeen Team


  5. Really looking forward to try it.

    A few of my wishes for the next version (I guess it is too late for the coming one…):

    -larger scroll jump in the browser (as of now, each increment moves scroll by I’d say 15%, which makes scrolling really slow)

    -support for RTL languages

    -bluetooth activable, as rumored in early announcements

    -network connection not lost when returning to the home page (intending to continue to another url)

    -option for the user to change the entries of the Home/Internet subscreen, and their order

    -option for the user to choose and change images displayed in sleep mode

    -documentation of tricks – for example that fonts can be added in the Fonts directory.



    1. Hello Enrico,
      thanks for your message. I will transmit your suggestions to our dev team, and we will keep you posted as soon as we’ve got some news. I think you will like some of the new features of the 2nd upgrade (now available), for instance now you can add bookmarks to the internet browser to easily access your favorite sites. Concerning your 4th question, if you don’t want to close the internet connection between sites, just don’t go back to the home screen. Instead, simply tap the address bar to bring up the keyboard, and enter the url of the next site you want to visit, or tap the star to access your bookmarks.
      RTL languages are already supported in pdf format.
      Best regards,
      Bookeen Team


  6. I agree with Enrico about the larger jumps when scrolling in the browser of the Orizon. I would like to see jumping one page minus one line so the last line becomes the first. I read a lot of fan fiction and one reason for getting the Orizon was to be able to read directly in the browser, but it is too annoying when i have to scroll 5-6 times to get to the next page in the text. In most other respects I like the Orizon a lot. Also I would like to be able to strip a web page of font information so it uses the same font as the book reader uses, when reading text online.
    Thank you for your work making it better.


    1. Hello Stefan,
      thanks for your message. I don’t think that overriding the css (styles) on websites is planned for development on the Orizon, however if you read a lot of content from websites you should take a look at dotepub: it’s a bookmarklet that lets you save a webpage as an epub file to read offline. Very useful for longer articles or stories, and it will save your battery as well. Plus this will let you use your own fonts to read the texts. Very useful!
      Best regards,
      Bookeen Team


  7. Hi All,

    I confess that I miss only one big feature on my Orizon and it is a Search function that will allow me to find a specific word in the book.
    Happens to me that I read a book on my pc when I’m at home and I want to start from the point I reached when I take my Orizon to go on reading.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hello Mario,
      thanks for your message. You make a very good point and Search function is on our list. I will let you know as soon as I have some information about when it will be available.
      Best wishes,
      Bookeen Team


  8. I am very much missing a search function.

    With such good functionalities on “Highlighting” and “Annotations” as well as large storage space a search function is a MUST.

    Search for text in a book
    Search in the bookshelf
    Search in Highlights
    Search in Annotations

    Critical and obviously needed by many others.



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