Cybook Opus: the best of

Bookeen is very proud that the Cybook Opus has been declared the best reading device by Germany’s prestigious consumer site, who have awarded it the Stiftung Warentest prize out of a total of 14 devices, after precise and rigourous testing.

Our german-speaking readers can get more information and read the complete test here.

Cybook Opus: the best of

2 thoughts on “Cybook Opus: the best of

  1. I am a happy Bookeen Cybook Opus owner, yet I have two wishes for upgrade:
    a) a 2-level TOC (Table Of Contents) navigation;
    b) MRU (Most Recently Used) list to quickly access last read books.


    1. Hello Christian,
      thanks for your comment. We’re very glad to know you’re happy with your Opus. I’ll pass along your feedback to our dev team; we are always interested in hearing from our users.
      Best regards,
      Bookeen Team


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