Cybook Orizon news, here you go!

“Download eBooks at your fingertips”

Bookeen introduces the Cybook Orizon

The new touch-screen, WiFi-equipped ebook reader

Bookeen, the European leader of the ebook reader market, will launch its next-generation reading device, the Cybook Orizon in mid-October.  Suggested retail price is 229.99€.

Thinner than a newspaper and lighter than a book (245 g – 8.6 oz), the Cybook Orizon boasts a non-glare, multi-touch screen with reading quality close to that of paper.

Thanks to its integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, the Cybook Orizon lets you very easily download your book in a few seconds.

Its sleek lines (it’s just 0.29’’ – 7.6 mm thick) give book lovers an elegant tool for a unique reading experience.

The Cybook Orizon was developed in its entirety by Bookeen’s engineering teams in France.

A new generation of ebook reader, packed with innovations

Turn the pages with your fingertips.  The screen incorporates “Caress touch ePaper” technology.  “For a long time, we’ve been trying to incorporate a touch technology that didn’t compromise the screen’s readability.  With Cybook Orizon, it’s a done deal. No glare at all, the Cybook Orizon stays readable in full sunshine.”  announced Michel Dahan, cofounder of Bookeen.  “Just touch the page lightly, and everything becomes simpler, more intuitive.”

Annotate, highlight text to remember key points as you read, adjust the character size simply by moving your fingers, thanks to the screen’s multi-touch capability. “We wanted to make a reader you can use as soon as you get your hands on it.  So for us, it was simple:  make it multi touch from the beginning,” says Bookeen cofounder Laurent Picard. “Thanks to the touch screen, you’ll find it’s easy to use, and a pleasure to interact with.”

All that technology is packed into a device the thickness of a magazine.  “Getting it down to 0.29’’ (7.6 mm) was a true technical challenge.  Our engineers worked hard to make it that thin and at the same time adhere to the highest standards of durability,” Michael Dahan points out.  “The result is better than expected. We managed to build the thinnest ebook reader in the world.”

Your books immediately available

The Cybook Orizon has a built-in WiFi module.  You can download a book in a minute or so without having to use your computer.  “With Cybook Orizon, we wanted to give users immediate access to books directly from Cybook.  For premium content, we did a lot of work on buying dynamics to make the process extremely simple for the user,” says marketing director Jean-Luc Satin.  Cybook Orizon is a real alternative to American competitors, but this time with a European based catalogue.”

Bookeen will address all major European countries. Bookeen will bring every local Book catalogue to the Cybook Orizon, enabling European customers to buy their books in their own language. To enable his European bookstore, Bookeen collaborates with major players in digital book distribution in Europe.

We will begin with France. French customers will enjoy access to most of the French digital catalogue:  25,000 titles issued by 185 publishers.

The same set will be rolled out at the end of the year in many European countries, such as Italy and Spain.

The Cybook Orizon allows direct access to a catalog of free books, and 150 classic books are embedded for the user to discover and enjoy reading on the Cybook Orizon.

Internet access:  surf the net unrestricted

The Cybook Orizon is also equipped with an unrestricted web browser that allows you access the web site of your choice with no limits, and download content that’s readable on your device.

The Cybook Orizon will be available for pre-order starting September 25 at and retail partner sites.

New information will be available in the next few weeks via, Facebook and Twitter.

The Cybook Orizon will be available in black and white.

About Bookeen

Bookeen European leader of the ebook industry develops and markets ebook readers in over 70 countries.  The founders, Laurent Picard and Michael Dahan, engineers and book lovers, participated in the development of the first electronic book in 1998.  In 2003, they created Bookeen, and in October 2007 successfully launched their first ePaper based ebook reader, Cybook Gen3.  Since then, Bookeen has enjoyed uninterrupted growth.  At its Paris facilities, Bookeen brings together an R&D team known worldwide for excellence and innovation.  In October 2010, Bookeen will launch the Cybook Orizon, the first touch-screen ebook reader with built-in WiFi, which offers simplified access to ebooks.  Bookeen plans to extend its book download service to all European countries in which they operate by the end of the year.

Data Sheet : Bookeen Cybook Orizon

Size 6’’


Monochromatic – 16 grayscale

Touch screen epaper- SiPix technology


800 x 600 pixels – 167 dpi


2 GB (1,500 to 2,000 books)

Maximum storage capacity

1 microSD memory card slot (8 GB max; up to approximately 8,000 titles)


Wi-Fi (802. 11 b/g/n)

Bluetooth (2.1+EDR)

Micro-USB port

Synchronization with PC


Synchronization with Mac


Audio/video functions

Reads the following text formats : Adobe ePUB/PDF (with or without DRM), TXT and HTML files; photo formats: (16 level greyscale) : JPEG, GIF and PNG

Plug-in port

Micro USB 2.0

Additional content

150 books included.

Power supply

Rechargeable (via USB cable) lithium-polymer battery

Battery life

Up to 10,000 consecutive pages / approximately 3 weeks

Multi-touch Screen

Bookeen touch interface

Multi-touch function to enlarge or reduce character size with the fingertips

Annotation, note taking, and highlighting functions

Direct access to content download platform

Additional book reader 3.0 software features

-Motion sensor (automatically adjusts to portrait or landscape mode),

– Right- and left- hand interfaces

– 12 font sizes, extra fonts available

Dimensions (l x w x h) en mm

(4.9’’x7.5’’x125.7 x 189.49 x 7.6 mm

Net weight (grams)



photo: M. Grigoriev

92 thoughts on “Cybook Orizon news, here you go!

  1. Hi

    I bought a Cybook Orizon recently but the reader is unable to read books in the .mobi format. Will there be a firmware update that will make the Orizon ebook reader compatible with Mobipocket DRM files exclusively as was being released for the Opus and Gen3?



    1. Hello Griet,
      Orizon supports only EPUB format, which is the industry standard. If you have some mobipocket files, you can convert them to epub using free tools like Calibre if you remove the DRM first (a google search will help you find information about that).
      Best regards,
      Bookeen Team


  2. I’m very much enjoying the Orizon, but I am starting to really miss the ability to search in documents, both epub and pdf. I know you have mentioned in a few replies that this was being worked on earlier in the year, but can you now give an update, and hopefully some sort of time frame? The Orizon makes a great companion for Internet-based research, I love not having to read it all on a computer screen, but the lack of search functions stops it being quite so useful.


  3. Please will the cybook orizon work in Nigeria? Will I be able to buy ebooks online on it? I recently had to return my Kindle back to Amazon as it has proved non-functional in Nigeria.



    1. Hello Lekan,
      thanks for your question. The Cybook Orizon will work anywhere in the world, and you can buy books on it if you have a wi-fi connection from any bookstore selling epub books.
      Best regards,
      Bookeen Team


  4. Hi,
    I received my first Cybook Orizon this week and I strugle to get connected to the internet. First of all; bying a product where the first thing to do is to update the software (from 3.0 to 3.1) is not satisfying. After searching the internet I found this blog, which is a very good service. I have managed to update to version 3.1, but I am still not able to open any web pages. It seems that I am connected to my wifi, but browsing for e.g results in “Unable to find host”. My laptop works perfectly on the same wifi. Any idea of what the problem can be?


    1. Hello Thomas,
      yes, there will be a port of some of the features for the Odyssey towards the Orizon, via a firmware upgrade. I don’t currently have any information about the timeline for that, but we will announce it here of course.
      Best regards,
      Bookeen Team


  5. Hello, I’m from Spain and I just bought a Orizon. I have read through the manual and the problem is that the library there is no search option. Not so bad if you have 100 books (because you can put in a vision of 20) but if you spend 1500 is slow page by page until you reach the desired title. Are you going to include a search option in the future? Thank you a lot.


    1. Hello Mawa,
      yes, a search option is planned, but in the meantime if you have a very large library we recommend you sort it using folders. Connect your Cybook to your computer, and create folders for your books in whatever configuration is convenient for you (for instance, you can make folders for different genres, or alphabetical folders to sort by author name, etc.) then be sure to activate Folder View in the library options via the menu.
      Best regards,
      Bookeen Team


  6. Is there still any hope for future updates on the Orizon ?

    Especially I would like to be able to use pdf-reflow, as pdf-books is not as readable (often scroll 3’rd of a page, next page, 3’rd…) in the current version.

    A new feature I would wish for, is a “secondary power-off”, when leaving the Orizon in sleep-mode. I notice that it powers up to change picture from time to time. And I would suggest that after a predefined period it would power off (could be 5 days or such).



  7. Hi,

    Any hope for updates, as hinted 2011-12-19 ?

    Or should I consider my Orizon as EndOfService ?

    Mine still works fine, and is in use every week. But you stated that there would be a port of some of the features for the Odyssey towards the Orizon, and I was kind-of looking forward to that.



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