Cybook Orizon: Reading, as you like it

We’ve had many questions about the features of the Cybook Orizon, here’s a first look. The Cybook Orizon personalises the reading experience to the reader; choose from 12 different text sizes, change the font, and add your own favourite fonts.

Using the touch screen, you can highlight important passages, add bookmarks to make sure you don’t forget anything, or even add notes.

photo: D. Talijunas

With the wifi connection, you’re never far from your next book: download it wherever and whenever you want. The Cybook Orizon’s extra-slim design slips easily into a bag or even a large pocket, for keeping up with your mobile lifestyle. Read in any situation, even in full sunlight, for more than 2 weeks on a single charge.

Coming soon: most likely at the end of next week, we’ll reveal the launch date and other key information, as well as opening pre-orders for the Cybook Orizon.

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