“Cybook Parade” contest: Great news!

The end of June is upon us, and we really want to thank everyone who has sent us their photos to participate in our  “Cybook Parade” contest! For those just joining us, the contest is simple: just send us a photo to show us where you take your Cybook. For the entire month of June, we chose one photo per week and the winner received a cover in the color of their choice.

We received some amazing photos and it was really difficult to choose just one this week! So, to celebrate the end of a month of wonderful photos, we’ve decided that two winners are better than one, and we are thrilled to present the winning photos:

The Cybook Opus is not afraid of the longest road in Australia

Congratulations Marie J.!

Photos like this give us new appreciation for the long battery life of the Cybook Opus. We would certainly not like to find ourselves in the middle of the longest road in Australia with nothing to read! So we’re going to send her a cover, to protect her Cybook Opus from any wandering kangaroos. (Please note, with or without a cover, we do not recommend using your Cybook Opus to box with kangaroos.)

The Cybook Opus even travels through time

Congratulations Lorah B.!

This extraordinary photo of Lorah with her Cybook Opus was taken at Vaux le Vicompte during a celebration of the Great Century. We couldn’t say it better so we’ll content ourselves with quoting her: “Here is the proof that you can really take your Opus anywhere and whenever you want, even into the past! And it’s even multifunction!” We never would have imagined seeing an Opus in these circumstances, and we’re really curious about where and when her Cybook will wind up in fut— um, the next time. 😉

You can see these photos and more photos from our readers on our facebook page.

And now, great news: the contest continues!

We want to thank everyone who participated, and we’ve got great news for all of you: we’ve loved receiving these brilliant photos so much, that we’ve decided to continue our contest! Keep on sending us photos of your Cybook out and about, we’ll choose two winners per month who will receive a cover!

Next time, the winner could be you! Show us where you like to read with your Cybook! Post your photo to our facebook page or send it to us by email at community[at]bookeen.com

Congratulations again to Lorah; we’d really love to follow the further adventures of her Cybook throughout the time-space continuum! And congratulations to Marie. We hope she’ll send us a photo of what’s at the end of that road! And good luck to everyone for next time.

Happy reading,

The Bookeen team

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*NB: The small print: by sending us your photo, you agree that we can post it on facebook and / or on our website / in articles about Bookeen.

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