Cybook Orizon: news

Fresh news, as promised! Save the date: Bookeen announces the Cybook Orizon, launching in early September 2010. Want to find out more? Keep your eyes open, because you’ll be hearing lots more about the Cybook Orizon, starting with more news right here in the coming days.

6 thoughts on “Cybook Orizon: news

    1. Hi Alex,
      thanks for your comment, and for your interest in our products. I confirm that the Cybook Orizon will definitely be competitively priced. Stay tuned, we’ll be talking more about it in the coming days!
      Best regards,
      Bookeen Team


  1. Hi,

    Any more updates available regarding the release date ??…Please do let me know, as i am very interested about buying this one. And can you clarify if this reader has a provision for making notes and annotations using a stylus ??..

    Thanks in advance

    Nikhil Dhanda


    1. Hi Nikhil, we’ll give you more details about the Cybook Orizon as soon as possible! We should have more news in the middle of the week.
      Thanks for your message!
      Best regards,
      Bookeen Team


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