Are you the winner?

Our “Cybook parade” contest got off to a great start this week and we are thrilled to announce our first winner! For those just joining us, the contest is simple: just send us a photo to show us where you take your Cybook. For the entire month of June, we’ll choose one photo per week and the winner will receive a cover in the color of their choice. It’s not too late to send your photo, you might win next week!

We received some truly superb photos, in fact we just couldn’t decide which one we liked best. You can see them on our facebook page. Luckily there will be more winners because in fact we wish we could choose all of them! Since we couldn’t decide, we put the names in a hat and chose one at random. Now, we are very happy to tell you…

(drum roll…)

…that our first winner is: Maxim G.! Congratulations! We absolutely loved his beautiful photo which really shows off the excellent definition of the Opus’ e-ink screen even in direct sunlight.

Opus in the sun, sent by Maxim G.
Opus in the sun, sent by Maxim G.

Bonus prize!

In addition, we couldn’t help but be impressed by the enthusiasm of the person who sent in the very first photo, and then sent in several more! We appreciated that so much that we couldn’t help but reward her. So we’re giving away a bonus cover to Alyssa C.! Congratulations and most of all thanks so much for your enthusiasm! We hope to see even more photos of your “life with your Opus”.

Opus in the garden, sent by Alyssa C.
Opus in the garden, sent by Alyssa C.

Next week, the winner could be you! Show us where you like to read with your Cybook! Post your photo to our facebook page or send it to us by email at community[at]

Congratulations again to Maxim and Alyssa, and good luck to everyone for next week.

Happy reading,

The Bookeen team

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