On May 7, Cybook OPUS comes in 7 new colours with upgraded features, for the ultimate in eBook democratization!

Bookeen is happy to announce that the Opus in 7 new colours will be available in stores starting May 7.

It’s the same Opus so many of you know and love, but better. You can still carry up to 1000 books in a mere 150 grams, or up to 8000 more by adding an optional microSD card; enough to carry your entire library in the palm of your hand. The accelerometer means it’s equally comfortable in your left hand or your right hand, and lets you switch between portrait and landscape displays automatically. You still have the choice of 12 different font sizes, to suit everyone’s eyes and preferences. And it’s still compatible with most major online booksellers so you can easily load it up with any of the millions of classics available or recent best-sellers in a couple of clicks.

Now, improved battery life means up to 15 days or 8500 pages on a single charge. Go from “zero” to “reading” in 1 second thanks to the new sleep mode, and start reading instantly whenever you have a few minutes available; no more waiting 15 seconds to get back to your book. And of course, a bouquet of beautiful new colours to choose from. In addition to the classic white, on May 7, the new-look, enriched-feature Cybook Opus will come in 7 colours: black, silver, blue, red, pink, green and orange.

What’s your favourite colour?

Happy reading!
The Bookeen Team

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19 thoughts on “On May 7, Cybook OPUS comes in 7 new colours with upgraded features, for the ultimate in eBook democratization!

  1. Hello Fredrik,We want to give our customers the lowest possible price for a high-quality product. That's why we've reduced the price for the new Opus. We will continue to reduce prices as our manufacturing costs permit. Hopefully we'll get to 150 euros soon. We'll let you know as soon as we do!Best regards,The Bookeen Team


  2. Hello Ewilan,The new firmware will be available as an update for the original Opus, of course. I cannot say when but our dev team is hard at work on it. We will be sure to announce it as soon as it is available, so just keep an eye open for news from us…Best regards, The Bookeen Team


  3. Hello Daniel,The new firmware with sleep mode will be available as an update for the original Opus. As it is specifically developed for the Opus hardware, it is not currently compatible with other Cybook models like the Gen3.Best regards,The Bookeen Team


  4. UPDATE @Daniel:I've checked with our dev team. They've told me that the new firmware features will in fact be available for the v3 Gen3 (2440 @ 400Mhz), however the earlier models are not compatible, unfortunately.Best regards,The Bookeen Team


  5. I gave in and ordered an Opus recently to replace the Cybook I lost. I'd love to see a 1 second resume, it's probably the thing I most wanted since I first got the Cybook.Question is, will it be available for Mobipocket mode too, i.e., a firmware 1.6 or something like that. The main reason I bought another Bookeen device is because I want to read my old secure Mobipocket titles.


  6. Jan Kristoffer and ET,Thanks both of you for your questions. I'm happy to confirm that the answer to both of them is yes. I checked with the dev team, and the update to fix the meta data is currently in development.The 1 second resume will also be available for Mobipocket firmware; as always, if the hardware can support them, all new features will be added to previous models of our readers.Best regards,The Bookeen Team


  7. Hi ajlewis2,We are updating our webstore and you'll be able to buy the Opus in black or any other color directly from us within a few days. We'll announce it on this blog as well as on twitter and on facebook as soon as it's up.Thanks so much for your interest!Best regards,the Bookeen Team


  8. I can't wait to see Opus Color. Will the software be upgraded to eliminate freezing? What about Orizon? Any word on when it is coming out? I'd rather wait and buy one. It was originally announced to be released in April. could you give us a hint?


  9. Hi Isabella,We're really happy to see your excitement about the new color Opus! The firmware has indeed been thoroughly overhauled and optimised in many ways.The Orizon is coming soon and we will be talking about it more and more, you'll get all the news as soon as I have any here and on facebook and twitter.


  10. Will US retailers be selling the new, improved Opus? I've never seen one in person, and I'd like to look at the display, the speed, and the colors in person, if I can. If I do order from the Bookeen site, how long is US shipping generally taking?


  11. Hi Katy,The Opus is sold in the US by stores like Fry's, JR, and BH Photo, and you should be able to see them in person there. However, since we have no control over their restocking schedule, we can't guarantee you they'll have the new version in stores.We ship using FedEx so if you order on our site it should only take about a week or so, possibly less, but this is intended just to give you a rough idea, as depending on where you live shipping times can be longer or shorter.I hope that answers your question!Best regards,The Bookeen team


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