First comics in Cybook bundle.

From now on you can find 5 eBooks demo from Foolstrip in your Cybook.
Foolstrip is a French comic’s publisher coming from the web and going imprint with some best seller. For this latest bundle, Foolstrip has worked directly to adapt their comics to the Cybook format.
This is just a beginning in exploring the comic’s e-reading performance.

We also add a little helper for those who are seeking for a Cybook demonstration. As you can see on the right part of the screen is a map which may help you to find where to buy a Cybook in the nearest brick-and-mortar shop. If you are looking for a complete resellers’ list, you will find it here.

3 thoughts on “First comics in Cybook bundle.

  1. how about another firmware update? The pdf reading functionality leaves a lot to wish for… I bought the cybook to read pdf’s and there are many pdfs that i cant read


  2. I also agree another firmware should have seen the daylight already long ago. But this is not the place to mention it, is it? This thread is about comics. There are others about firmware ugrades. That is the place (I have posted there myself regarding that issue). And you should know that pdf is, for many reasons, a lousy format to be read in any 6 inch device. So maybe your decision was not very well thought…


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