Leather cover for an e-reading summer

From the Bookeen website you can now order leather cover for your Cybook Gen3.
The Old Brown version has been discontinued. Those new covers, inspired from customers feedback, are easier to handle. From now, you are able to choose among 4 colors of leather cover plus the one that is now join to the Deluxe Pack.
Let’s see what we got:
Black PU – Red Leather – Brown Leather – Shiny Leather – Camel Leather

4 thoughts on “Leather cover for an e-reading summer

  1. I’m thrilled to see Bookeen doing well and releasing updates and accessories but the one feature that is keeping me from making a purchase hasn’t been mentioned yet.When will the Bookeen support a web browser and RSS reader connected via 802.11 wireless?You’re form factor, media support and screen are awesome! All I need now is access to content I can’t get for free at my library. Please, put a wireless card in there and show Sony and Amazon how a real e-reader should work!


  2. Hi,what about some non-leather cover? I am vegetarian and I do not want to use leather products. On the other hand some cover for Bookeen would be handy…Thanks,Jan


  3. I’m wondering where to put my book, in a library I guess. So why the leather cover don’t have any SD Card “library” ? Do I have to get a knife to cut some hole ?I read somewhere a 2Gb SD card limitation, which make this requirement obvious Another requirement would be more professional. I could equipe my team with documentation reader only if I can solve security issues. SD card has already some secure processor which might be integrated with the bookreader


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