Cybook Gen3 build release – battery life extension –

The firmware 1.1 got a new build (708). It has been released today via our website:
The firmware 1.1 previous build had experienced some battery problems for several devices. Build 708 will fix that regression and also provide you with the whole version of firmware 1.1 with a little plus: hyphenation support in mobipocket files. Also, the author’s name will now appear in the header of your book if indicated in the book’s description.
The download modus operandi will be the same as for the last release.

Enjoy your reading experience.

Best regards,
Bookeen team

P.S.: you must be registered at to download the build 708.

19 thoughts on “Cybook Gen3 build release – battery life extension –

  1. I am really, REALLY disappointed by the modus operandi you chose – the SD card. Again! Not after all the problems so many people had with it!Could please give us all, your costumers, an idea of when will we be able to bypass the SD card for upgrading purposes?Thank you!Nelson


  2. Sorry meta, but you are wrong. It is not a good option.It might work for you, but certainly not for many other people.The SD card is a sensitive part of the device, and in my personal case it is the only thing on the Cybook that does not work.But even if all SD card drives worked properly, many people still had to buy SD cards ONLY to upgrade – unless, off course, 512 MB is not enough for your books… So Bookeen should give their costumers the option of NOT using the SD card drive if they don’t want to. And I am sure many wouldn’t, if it wasn’t the upgrading need.As far as I am concerned, I have spent 9 euros in a card that is useless – because the drive does not work, because the 512 space is mote than enough and because I expect Bookeen will soon tell us all how to bypass the SD card for upgrading purposes.Best regardsNelson


  3. Sorry, Nelson, upgrades from SD card are perfect for me. It works fine from my Mac. And i keep all my books on the SD cards as i don’t have enough memory on my 64Mb CyBook.By the way, i wonder if the upgrade doesn’t work with CyBook’s main memory as it appears as a SD card …Hope you finally be able to upgrade


  4. Well, happily I have a working SD reader so that’s no problem for me. But I wish a company making these kind of products did have competent people so that the stuff works…Making a device like this read PDF files should be something a schoolboy could manage to fix, and still after a fantastic upgrade it manages to not read any PDF files at all. It’s quite amazing actually..


  5. It appears the support for html files is rather poor too ! That’s amazing considering the investments the industry has made in browser technology and the availability of free html engines …Perhaps Bookeen should try to improve the software first, instead of improving the hardware …


  6. Given that there is a wonderful ebook reader out there which handles HTML, CHM and RTF without any problem, FBReader, I also think that concentrating upon software would be a good idea. I realize that PDF support is always going to be difficult to optimize, but these others, as well as support for ePub, is critical.Not to ignore the urgent need for a bookshelf system that allows for storing ebooks in folders and navigating the folders.Derek


  7. My only complaint is that each time I boot up, I see the face of Bill Clinton. I pray that the new Directory view will not include Bill Clinton’s face. How about dropping the progress bar instesd use page numbers.Eric


  8. There is a very simple solution to avoid the problems with .pdf files.Download Mobipocket Reader on your PC, then open the .pdf file(s) in Mobipocket Reader. Then connect your Bookeen to your PC and synchronise.That is all, it really works fine for me.Good luck,Guy


  9. PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF. It’s that simple. If the CyBook doesn’t natively support PDF in all its manipulable iterations — currently, as we all know, it does not — then it is an expensive toy. Does Bookeen not realize that they will be left in the dust by competitors if this isn’t addressed? And by the way, Guy, the inelegant workaround (loading the PDF in Mobipocket Reader on one’s PC first, and then synchronizing) does nothing for Mac users.


  10. I’d like to know what assurances I have that if I upgrade again it won’t just make the machine run even worse than the previous upgrade made it? Are you doing anything at all to correct the problems? How do I know you haven’t simply added more??


  11. Hoops, bug!Since I upgraded to the new release, I have an issue that was not existing previously:Now my Cybook Gen3 will not load (stuck in the 2nd loading page) when the SD card is inserted.Remove the SD card, perform a soft reset and on you go, the Cybook loads and can be used normally.Looks like a bug to me!(For your information, I was able to perform the upgrade from the SD card without any problem, even if the Cybook cannot “see” books saved on it!).Any solution?


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