Cybook is back in stock for its six-month anniversary

It’s been 6 months that we brought the Cybook Gen3 to you. Even with being 4 time out-of-stock, we do continue to share with you the same passion for digital reading. Today, we are excited to announce that Cybook is in stock and ready for shipment within 14 business days.

With this new batch, Bookeen has introduced some hardware and software improvements in Cybook. These elements will be explained and developed in a future post.

Thanks for all your support during this first half of year!

Enjoy your reading with the Cybook.

12 thoughts on “Cybook is back in stock for its six-month anniversary

  1. That’s all fine and good for Bookeen, but what has become of the firmware update that was promised for January to your existing customers?When can we expect something from Bookeen that addresses the ongoing and improvement issues that are well documented and that have been communicated over and over again to Bookeen? Have you forgotten us?


  2. Julie,I have it on good authority that the forthcoming firmware update will work on both hardware platforms. I’m looking forward to seeing just what hardware improvements have been made.Derek Benner,Not Another E-Book


  3. Let me guess. The FW delay was not because they wanted it to be just right. But because they need it to work on new hw.. Sigh !!!Great device, lousy service..


  4. Well, thanks Derek, but you know, I don’t really care about their new hardware. All I know is that I got a Cybook in Decembee, was promised a firmware update in January and when that didn’t happen, was delayed until April. Then in the blog posting right before this one, Bookeen states that they are working on it, and now when they finally come out with another announcement, it is this one. I feel like a neglected, red headed step child, and I don’t appreciate it in the least


  5. Julie,I can feel your pain. I have, since September, owned two different Cybook Gen3s. The first, an engineering sample, didn’t even support Secure Mobipocket ebooks until they brough me up to firmware version 0.98. My current one, an actual production model of this first generation, came with Build 538, but it has been a long wait for the latest firmware update.


  6. I ordered the deluxe pack Cybook on April 14th, and I have heard nothing. I sent an email a couple weeks back and heard nothing from that.Anyone have any idea what the usual wait time is or the wait time for a coutesy email to say it has shipped or not?As it has allegedly been in stock since May 5th, I thought I would have at least received shipping info.


  7. Really lousy service! I bought a Cybook from BooksonBoard and I never got it to work. I could see the first screens, but couldn’t get into any of my books. I finally had to send it back to France for service (at my expense) – and guess what – they claim the screen is broken, and of course it is the only component not covered under warranty. Surprise, surprise. So even though it didn’t work out of the box I will have to pay another $130 and maybe it will work. BUYER BEWARE these guys and BooksonBoard are scams. They sent me a$300 device that never worked and now they want more money and maybe it will finally work.


  8. HiI’m having difficulty getting a cybook for my friend within the next couple of weeks. WH Smith don’t have it in stock, Pixmania don’t ship to the Channel Islands (!) and Bookeen themselves don’t take Amex credit cards – does anyone have any ideas please?ThanksSue


  9. Hello Sue,Please contact our support team at the following address: supportatbookeen.comThey will be able to solve your problem.Happy new year to you and best wishes.Bookeen team


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