Cybook in university library

Angers’ university library (France), is now sharing a new idea: experimentation on process and use of the Cybook Gen3 for the students.

They just got equipped with a dozen of Cybooks. Daniel Bourrion (librarian in charge of the digital library) will put Cybooks in students’ hands, allowing a better understanding of the use of eReaders on campus. For more information please visit the blog of Daniel under the heading “Mon e-reader s’appelle reviens”. Only in internal loan for the moment, the Cybook Gen3 will be available to students once system and uses be clearly established.

3 thoughts on “Cybook in university library

  1. Dear Bookeen,You have given two dates (that I know of) for an upcoming upgrade, both of which have passed with no new release. I would like to know why you don’t publicly post an expected release date, and why you give out dates you aren’t going to meet.I would also like to know why it is that you don’t publicly post the fact that there is a build 538 update for some of your early buyers still using the older version.I would like to know why you don’t publicly post the fix for the internal clock so that library books can be read.There are other issues cybook users have, and your customers would benefit from a portion of your website or blog being devoted to helping correct them. I also think it would be very nice if you replied to all customer emails, at the same time I would like to point out that if you had update and troubleshooting information publicly available, you wouldn’t get so much email.In short, I think it would be nice if you shared some useful information with your customers, in addition to where you’ve been selling recently.Thank you.


  2. I second everything christine said here…..It seems Bookeen is more interested in Public Relation matter then user support (This can almost be stated as a fact as there is NO support at all for even minor issues and why is Bookeen painfully absent in the big e-reader forums?)Please, Bookeen, don’t let your pretty device fall in public opinion. DO care about your users! They can make or brake the product…..


  3. I agree with both Christine and Jeroen. I have been looking at the device and trying to get as munch informations about the Cybook for my friends and I as possible but so far I could not be sure enough to recommend it to my friends. Please be more up to date in technical support so people like us(who love to use the device but not very technical oriented) to feel confident enough to get the device. As far as I know, you are the only one of two companies that support Library eBooks and audio books; lots of Library patrons will be interested in getting your device if they have the confidence that you will be there to fully support them.Truly,


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