Bookeen’s resellers network grows rapidly

Bookeen is now close from gathering 18 dealers in 11 different countries.
You can find the Cybook Gen3 both on specialized online retailers like Justread in Germany or AppoloXXI in Spain, and generalist online sites as in Italy, Develop-it in Belgium or Dicoland in France. Bookshops are also reselling the device. Now, you can find the Cybook Gen3 in physical stores like Feltrinelli in Italy and L’appel du livre in France but also on online eBook retailers like Elittera in Norway and Booksonboard for the North American territory.
Lately, you can also find the Cybook Gen3 in outlets 5sur5 Powerstore, French network dedicated to new communication technologies, as well as on the Polish and Czech specialist stores eMedia and Acomp.
Finally, the Cybook made a noticed entry in the famous Brentano’s bookstore, located in the heart of Paris.

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