Beta Mobipocket Desktop Reader supports Cybook Gen3

The Mobipocket team has just released a new beta version of the Mobipocket desktop reader for XP and Vista. This new version supports the Cybook Gen3.

Once pluged to your computer, the Cybook Gen3 will be automatically identified and registered as one of your reading devices. After your ebooks have been downloaded from any of the Mobipocket ebook retailers (Mobipocket, Fictionwise, etc.), your books are directly transfered to your Cybook.

The eNews feature will aslo allow you to synchronize your Cybook with feeds chosen among hundred thousands of RSS and eNews sources just by connecting your Cybook to your computer.
Additionally, you can import Office, Pdf, Html, Txt, Chm & Ocf documents.
PS: Currently, the Mobipocket ebook catalogue contains almost 55,000 titles and proposes more than 340,000 feeds.

9 thoughts on “Beta Mobipocket Desktop Reader supports Cybook Gen3

  1. How will the device synchronise with a mac? WIll it be recognised when I plug it in? Will I be able to drag and drop files in… I do so want to buy one of these so at least a USB driver so that it is recognised by mac OS X is a mus.


  2. Thanks for that information Icehand. I’m yet another Mac user who was wondering if the Cybook would be a viable companion to my Mac computer. Good to hear that the answer is yes.


  3. You guys realize that Bookeen doesn’t have any control over what platform Mobipocket Reader is developed for, right?If you want a Mac version, talk to the Mobipocket team.


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